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Ableton Live Controller (Touchscreen Software) – Yeco

diese Software macht aus einem Touchscreen und Windows oder Mac OS / OS X zu einem Controller und Interface / Spieloberfläche für Ableton Live. Alles ist entsprechend vergrößert damit es der Touch-Bedienung entgegen kommt.

Das Layout selbst ist allerdings festgelegt, es gibt auch einen 4-fach 2D Pad “Kaoss Pad” Screen, ein Ding was dem Push ähnelt für Noten und eine normale Tastatur sowie einige andere Oberflächen für den üblichen DAW-Bedarf von Live.


2 more controllers – added hex input. demo is here

this is a Software to make a standard touch screen to work as a controller.

it’s a simplified surface for touch-purpose since everything has to be larger to handle. it’s €45 – it is sort of in-between a tablet and the desktop computer – so it makes a surface as a keyboard and push “replacement” and controllers to be sent from there..

the layout is fixed:

The MIDI Control Panel features 56 assignable elements including: 27 sliders, 6 knobs, 9 momentary buttons and 14 toggles.

have a look here.


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Korg Controller Remote Bluetooth – NanoKey/Kontrol

Korg bringt Bluetooth Controller – sie sind etwas größer als die Nano-Serie – aber brauchen kein Kabel…
Die MicroKey Serie wurde bereits verBlauzahnt.
21-24.1.16 NAMM – Neuheiten/Gerüchtecheck

Korg has some Controller ready, like the Microkey Series – they are quite like a enhanced nano series but with bluetooth, so the mac and ipads are connected to it with no wires – magick.

korg controller controller

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Korg Microkey Bluetooth – Controller going wireless & Module App & OkGo Volca

Controller werden drahtlos – Ich habe gesucht und gefunden, das Microkey ist super für die die Dynamik wirklich spielen wollen. Soweit gut, aber weil es mehr als 31 Tasten hat braucht es am iPad leider einen bestromten Hub, was aber ein ziemliches gefummel ist – Kabel fallen ab und .. heute nutze ich gar kein Keyboard mehr mit dem iPad weil .. es halt einfach nicht so super praktisch ist.
Aber es gibt jetzt eine Bluetooth Version von Korg, welche super ist, wenn man kein iPad 2 hat, weil BT LE bedeutet leider auch neue Versionen zu haben. Also – wenn ich mal groß und reich bin – dann würde ich das dafür nehmen. Am Mac funktioniert das auch, da das inzwischen Bestandteil des OS ist. (Captain!) Weiah-less! Windowsuser sind da nicht ganz so im Vorteil weil das OS ist dort nicht besonders Audio-orientiert inkl W10. Kommt aber irgendwie auch…

166€ statt 99€ für BT Version. (es gibt noch 25 und 61 Tasten)


  • Mac: Mac mit Unterstützung von Bluetooth 4.0 (zB MacBookPro ab 2012 etc) oder höher und OS X10.10 Yosemite oder höher

When I tried to find a good SMALL 3-Octave keyboard for the iPad I just had one choice – this one!
But – I am so xxx’ed because it needs a powered hub since all controllers with more than 31 keys need one (which sounds and feels rather ridiculous) – so I am still not super happy for another PSU and loose cables. They do have BT verisons of it – but BT LE means – they work but not with my iPad 2, which does not offer BT 4.0 but everyone else might want exactly that because they are lucky Air-users. And OS X users will appreciate it as well since it is part of the OS since the Captain is aboard!

ah – there is a new Nano Series with BT/wireless as well (at NAMM 2016)

Den Foren-Usern nicht entgangen (Neues von Korg?)  und APPartig – daher hier, daher nur kurz erwähnt:

and there is a special sample volca from the OK Go people (remember that video?) – also replaced Korg by OKGO..
These are the limited edition of 3000 – so there will be no ARP 2600 from Korg – not under this tag..

volca ok go.jpg

Apps: new “module” is sort of allround synth and a piano app as well. all shown here


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AcPad – turns the guitar into a real instrument!

Acpad is a special add on to your or any guitar – I’ve seen that thing at a performance of Robin Sukroso (FB Image Set of a concert) earlier last year. In fact he can loop, synthesize sounds and do a lot of magic plus playing the pads and it’s just as playing the guitar – so it is not some technology added

see it in action – if you can – just catch Robin playing somewhere since it’s the best “advertisement” for this – so – it’s not a product but something he did because it was needed doing the music..

btw – no, it’s not the drums / pads used that makes it special..

so this looks a lot more to really have the guitar for everything to input as melodic and rhythmic aspect in the music and – as always – just play it! why? because there’s a lot of more sounds and loop stuff possible – so it doesn’t matter what kind of input you prefer – so why playing “keys” when you can do it with strings as well?

it took 3 years of research and working on the music itself to make Acpad what it is now. It’s officially called a controller but it is in fact an enhancement to the guitar being an electronic instrument and still be able to use all the positive things about guitars – still!
so acoustic and electronic things really merge.and so we may stop complaining about the guitar not being a real instrument since it can be played now for real and does sounds – right? maybe it sooner or later got soul?…

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Faderfox UC4 Controller

UC4 side view



Faderfox is updating – after the SC4 Sequencer and PC4 Controllers the UC4 is another USB powered small controller:

8 endless encoders with push button function & display
8 faders (imagine envelopes, intensity, keytracking and stuff like that
8 buttons (these are new)
1 crossfader
Range Settings from X to Y (new)!
MIDI Ports in/out (the most important thing compared to the SC3 / new)

all these can fire up 264 commands – commands are NRPNs / MIDI CCs, Program Changes and stuf like that. Not made for SysEx.
connects to iOS as well (Core MIDI Compliant)

why this? because it is very small! a lot of controller may be too much!

Firefox bringt neuen UC4 Universal-Controller, Core-MIDI-Compliant, daher für iOS ebenfalls einfach einsetzbar.

UC4 top view black-2

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Expert Sleepers – USB Controllers to generate CV and being used as a sequencer

Expert Sleepers new Module LH1 takes USB Controllers – so this is a host for any Controller to be used to generate CVs and gates for

  • polyphonic triggering
  • generating LFOs on any target (as a usecase) by knob turns
  • building a sequencer that is controlled via standard controllers like the Launchpad Control by Novation
  • all pots, faders, knobs just can be used to generate CV

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Faderfox SC4 Sequencer / Controller + PC4 24-knob Controller

Faderfox are known for controllers of small size reminding of the MFB stuff – now they come back with a controller that can ALSO be used as a sequencer – the result reminds of the Metropolis and Ryk Sequencer for the Roland System 100m and the recent “hack” of the BCR2000 – the Zaquencer that uses the old Behringer to be used as a sequencer – but this time the concept has probability and there are repeats and group edits via 8 knobs with accents and glide .. the video also shows the controller sending CCs to a synth as a part of the sequence…
sc4 sequencer
of course it has skip, and direction commands – it’s more like controlling the structure than setting stages per step according to the Ryk – Sequencer concept..

this is NOT just a controller re-used – it is dedicated to be used as one! – can do a lot more than beatstep – and it has LEDs so it is designed to have an optical reponse and helps to find it quickly

there is also a new controller called the PC4 providing 4×6 = 24 knobs that works with iPads, Computers and USB is made for FAST assignment and – is simply small – all purpose..
pc4 controller

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Leap Motion Controlling Music via Gestures in Airspace Geco Software sending MIDI + OSC to your instruments + SoundMorph Timeflux

I posted about Leap Motion earlier – this time it is a Max Addition to Ableton Live to be controlled by the Leap Motion Controller – looks a bit like dBEam but it is in fact a bit more than that – so it is more in the Kinect category of controllers than measuring a distance alone. It could look like this in a promo video:

it understands OSC, has 40 gestures or better means – it can handle 40 control streams as they say.
and it can learn gestures and send them to MIDI as well. it’s $10 so not too expensive at all – but you NEED that leap controller, still.

I never had a hand on or above it so can just tell from the videos and previous stuff up here. Leap Motion Airspace -> Geco MIDI.


also there is a new synth

based on this controller out there -SoundMorph Timeflux – from Glitch Machines.
Seems it is the second dedicated to morphing after “morph” from Prosoniq – but works a bit differently since it does not need a realtime input in a DAW but is an own software. you can also freeze your sound in here as well.
so it is some sort of morphing plus granular / vsynth – style impression coming out of this.

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NAMM 2014 III – Controllers, Izotope Break Tweaker Groovebox Software & Waldorf 2Pole

ok, NAMM is running and it seems most news is/has been said:
there is one more thing..

1) Waldorf shows a Rocket-Sized Box – 2Pole – it’s a filter box – it looks like this:
so it has distortion stereo input and an AD envelope with hold and an LFO for control of the filter.

image: debug:

2) Break Maker is the name of a beat creation software from iZotope
it’s not a controller it’s a pure software groovebox tool. it has triggering macro edit to make some things faster to input / retrigger and built in synth – morphing waveforms and samples with FM/AM is possible – 32 step sequencer. but with variations which is possible the most interesting feature in here.

3) Behringer has motorized Fader Controller Keyboards (of different octave ranges) called Motor 61 + 49
as well as Alesis got Controllers with dynamic colour pads with several octave ranges

4) Modules in euro format – there is more to come – es gab auch einige neue Euro Rack Module, die hier im Forum gesammelt werden. -> NAMM 2014 – der Eurorack-Thread

5) Moog has a quantizing Theremin called Theremini

6) There’s some more Controllers – mostly with Pads …

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