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River – Crux / Nucleus Euroack Module

2 neue Eurorack-Module kommen dieser Zeit auf den etwas stillen Markt zwischen den “Tagen”. Das sind der OTA-basierte Module. Diese sind ein VCA namens Crux und das Filter Nucleus mit 3 Verhaltensmodi für die Resonanz. Das bedeutet – da kann man abgleichen wie sehr das Filter ausdünnt und wie es reagieren soll. Dazu ist der “Solid Bass” Knopf da, der eben jenes meist musikalisch ungewolltes ausdünnen verhindert.


new/update: DIY Kits showcase.

185€ (VCA)  und 235€ (Filter) kosten die Module jeweils.

river eurorack module

2 new OTA based modules for the euro rack are ready – noticed that solid bass button? it allows to have the full bass response even if the resonance is set to high amounts, same with those 3 modes for the filter operation (k- neutral, Q-comp) that offer different ways to how the filter response will be.  the prices are not yet final but have a look above for app. range, all will be ready in january along with demos and videos..

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BME 700 Synth with Switch controlled additional Resonator/Filter

the german very rare Baumann BME 700 has a special Resonant Filter that is digitally set up via setting “bits” – this one seems a bit broken or damaged since the keyboard doesn’t seem to work but when those hands reaching out for the resonator – just have a listen!

more on the BME 700 subtractive,analog synth..

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Experimental MacBeth 5U Mk1 Filter ‘D’ – audio check

Ken MacBeth just posted a nice and longer Demo of his latest 5U Module which is basically deriving from the Elements Synth but has 1, 2 and 4 Pole Modes – 1-4 Pole Outputs,
built in noise generator and perfect chromatic tracking for self resonating filter – the very cool thing is – you will be shown all modes and can listen to it long enough.

the synth in that video is the  Macbeth Elements (built 2015)

just listen to the audio quality – very nice.

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Radikal Technologies going modular RT451 Stereo Multimode Filter + DSI Modules (NAMM 2015)

The Radikal Technologies RT451 Stereo Multimode Filter by Joerg Schaaf was shown on his Facebook Site – it’s a double filter with 3 filter mode switches and 2 CV for the cutoff frequency and one more. so welcome the Spectralis subtractive / groovebox
+ TR sequencer  and Accelerator (built 2010) – Hybrid Synthesizer maker to the modular world!

and DSI also jump into the modular bandrackwagon with the Character section of the Prophet12 / Pro 2 the DSM 02
(and filters)

all at NAMM 2015

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Koma SVF-201 Analogue State Variable Filter Module

First Module by KOMA, euro rack format filter based on vactrols (optical components).  all 3 filter types can be used simultaneously. (or notch when mixed together as known from other modules of this kind like the Oberheim SEM, …)
it has parallel mounted PCBs – can be used in skiffs – total depth is less than 4 cm.

* 4 audio outputs: Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass, Mix Out
* 1 audio input with attenuator / adjustable gain
* CV input for Cutoff with attenuator
* CV input for Resonance with attenuator
* CV input for Mix Out with attenuator
* The Mix Out attenuator acts as a normalized CV source if nothing is patched into the Select CV input
* Large 30mm, full aluminum knob for Cutoff with white backlight (a jumper on the PCB lets you turn it off)
* Large 20mm, full aluminum knob for Resonance


Size: 12HP (60,60mm)
Interface: 2mm white powdercoated aluminum front plate + silkscreen printing

via Forum: KOMA Elektronik SVF201 Vactrol State Variable Filter

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Jupiter 6 – recucing thin out of the filter resonance – den Pegelabfall beim Filter minimieren, Widerstände tauschen!

Florian Anwander • Jupiter 6 – Ausgleich des Pegelabfall bei erhöhter Resonanz.

how to get rid of low level filter sound, a little mod, listen to the audio file to hear the difference. http://fa.utfs.org/diy/rolandjp6/JP6_Re … me-Mod.mp3

in fact the resonance thin out will be reduced by this mod (adding one simple resistor between R62 where it is NOT connected to R67 – connect it to the point, where R81-84 meet). Mostly recognisable in low pass mode. the audio file is in english, so everyone can follow, the german one is the one he posted in the forum. thanks a lot – thx a lot Florian Anwander:

Einfach einen 1MOhm Widerstand zwischen R62 (auf der Seite, wo er nicht mit R61 verbunden ist) und dem Sammelpunkt von R81,82,83,84.
Bei neueren Seriennummer sind es die Teilenummer bisschen höher: zwischen R68 (auf der Seite, wo er nicht mit R67 verbunden ist) und dem Sammelpunkt von R86,87,88,89.

Auf dem fourvoice-board gibts R62/68 zweimal, das muss man da natürlich nur einmal machen.

Roland Jupiter6 synthesizer

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