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Electribe 2.02 – blue & red – Update

Korg bringt die bisherigen Electribes in den beiden klassischen Farben der alten X-Serie und ein Update auf 2.02 für alle, auch die schwarzen/grauen Electribes. Die Petition zum Thema wurde inzwischen aktualisiert (Ian Bradshaw statt der Entwickler des Minilogue wird adressiert und die Liste wurde korrigiert). Die Liste ist lang und daher nicht “erfüllt”, aber einige wichtige Elemente wurden erledigt – sehr wichtige sogar. Wem das nicht reicht, kann hier wählen gehen.
Diskussionen zu den Electribes gibt es natürlich im Forum hier: Korg Electribe Sampler 2S …

Achtung: wer bei OS 1.15 ist muss erst OS 1.16 aufspielen und DANACH erst OS 2.02 sonst erscheint “invalid file”.
korg os 2.02

The Electribes got a blue/red colour scheme and a new OS 2.02.

the OS was highly appreciated but it may not be what the Petition wanted Korg to do. it has been updated as well. So it may not be obsolete – but very very important things have been done:

  • Chain function – plays multiple patterns in succession.
    Pattern parameters Global parameters
    CHAIN TO “Off” or Chain to “patternname”
    – means you can set any pattern to be played with a pattern – so you set another name/number of a pattern there – so this is a clever work around for appending patterns – so the limit of 4 is no longer a problem – it can be longer than the older electribes. The way it was implemented is perfect for programming long patterns but not made for performance – it can be switched off via a global switch and exactly that is a very very good solution to the “64 step problem”!

• Added an UNDO function.
for parameter edit, sequence recording, or Erase.
–> hold down the shift button and press the < button.
• Added an “Original Value” function that indicates the saved value of the parameters.

• Reduced load/save time samples.

so some parts of the petition are done.

  • Download V2.02 OS – Sampler – please note – if you are at 1.15 update to 1.16 first and then to 2.02 because you get “invalid” message and no update.
    NOTE: it’s 2 OS’es for Electribe and Electribe Sampler!
  • the Synth has it’s own OS. Can be found at Korg.com as well.

electribe 2

Diego M did a nice helpful shortcut list
layout OS 2.02

Hilfreich / helpful (made for the older one) -> here: Sampler 2S (2015)

ah, Ableton brings 9.7 shortly.. which will bringt Slices to the Push 1 and other little updates.

SynMag 55 – Das Synthesizer-Magazin – am 1.4.2016

SynMag 55 – Das Synthesizer-Magazin ist bereits da (Zur Synthmesse Superbooth 16, wir sind an Stand BL370)
und enthält diese Themen:

Maschine H
Analog Special: Desktop und Co.:
• Anyware Moodulator – Breit und Fett
• Moog Mother 32 – Mütter haben Kraft und einen Sequencer!
• Roland System 500 – Rückkehr des System 100m
• Analog wird polyphon: Korg Minilogue unterbietet Niedrigspreise
• Schmidt Synthesizer – über die Werktstattschulter geschaut.
• DTronics Synthesizer für 99€ im Evolver-Gehäuse mit analogem Filter
• Das Musikding – Kistenschieber oder gut für Lötmenschen?

Maschine S
• iZotope Ozone 7 Mastering Software
• Reveal Sound Spire – “analoges Verhalten” gelernt
• PPG Phonem – Jetzt red’ ich!

• Brian Hamilton über Verzerrung und Verzerrer
• Electri_City Conference – Nachlese
• Laibach in Nordkorea
• Goldbaby und obskure Klangerzeuger
• Deep Forest – FR-Domains und neues Leben entdecken
• Alobar – Gearschlacht in der Schweiz

• 4K Monitore/TV für’s Studio?
• Abgeschaltet: Schalt mal ab! (Das ist für dich, Peter!)
• Festivaltipps
• B-Wave Festival Nachlese

Das Synthesizer-Magazin


Moognase – MS20 Mini – super beautiful Demo Song

Moognase schreibt über seinen Song im Forum: MS20 Mini

Korg MS20Mini synthesizer1x Multi Timbral, 1 Voice, (2013)
Korg MS20Mini Analog Synthesizer
2 OSC, 2 Filter, 1 LFO, 2 EG
subtractive analog synthesis,
36 Keys, usb MIDI CV Gate Ctrl, ~500€ (in 2015) continue / weiter..?

What Time Is It?

Vier Stereospuren:
– Bordun mit pulsierenden Obertönen
– Melodie (Rechteck mit ein paar komischen Modulationen der beiden Filter; Portamento)
– Pulsierender Bass/hoher Piepton, mal mit nur einem, mal mit beiden Oszillatoren
– Rauschgenerator mit viel Echo und Hall drauf
Das Ganze frei Nase gemixt

EHX Cathedral

very beautiful song made on and with the Korg MS20 Mini – 4 channel recording on an instrument that had to go again since it wasn’t Moognase’s – and it is just charming


Korg Volca FM – 6 OP – a full DX7 incl edit mode

  • Korg nimmt den FM Teil aus den Tribes als Volca,
    3 voices / stimmig.
    so it is digital and a real full scale synth. ein kompletter DX7!
    -> Diskussion: Korg Volca FM aufgetaucht…
  • Korg takes the 3 times the FM part of the Tribes or possibly this is even analog FM. no it is really 6OP FM (frequency modulation) and digital. and it can read DX7 patches!
  • has an Arpeggiator
  • 32 patches, 16 patterns (memory)
  • has edit mode to go through all parameters!
    no editor planned – but maybe something will come from …
  • no brainer! buy this!

    volca fm specs
    volca info
    and the other lever is just transpose – so everything is done with those knobs and vel-slider.

    some audio twiddeling..

    (this image via R.divine / FB:)
    volca fmhttps://youtu.be/I6JYELE0aVA
    korg volca fm

Korg Controller Remote Bluetooth – NanoKey/Kontrol

Korg bringt Bluetooth Controller – sie sind etwas größer als die Nano-Serie – aber brauchen kein Kabel…
Die MicroKey Serie wurde bereits verBlauzahnt.
21-24.1.16 NAMM – Neuheiten/Gerüchtecheck

Korg has some Controller ready, like the Microkey Series – they are quite like a enhanced nano series but with bluetooth, so the mac and ipads are connected to it with no wires – magick.

korg controller controller

Korg Minilogue Polysynth + Akai AX coming back

Korg just registeredMinilogue” sounds and IS very analogue, very synth and it is polyphonic and has a 16 step modulation sequencer.
in mono mode it has 2 OSCs 1 Suboscillator, in poly it has just 2 OSCs. in dual mode it has these 2 voices doubled, so 4 OSCs sounds and can be detuned.

the only unclear thing is a rack version, that might happen – but may just be some messing around with image processing software (not to mention one of those companies..) – maybe done by him since the phones jack is missing and possibly the “Sprechkäse” is another cool joke.

but from here all is confirmed – you can already buy one of these:
minilogue size

USB/MIDI in/out – Sync Clock in/out

Minilogue Specs (database)

it is 4 voice polyphonic,

it has a 16 step sequencer with 4 motion sequences (moving the knobs and record them), not yet clear if the sequence transposes…

so it is a lot like an advanced Microkorg or MS2000/Radias – but analog with

Crossmod, Ringmod and Sync and all Standard things and even Chords in the Arpeggiator.

classic dual ADSR-envelopes and LFO. So this is sort of an analog Microkorg, but of course not featuring the digital things but is technically the most affordable analog poly synth with this feature set.

there is a shape knob per VCO, so you can do PWM, Saw Mod in a PWM manner and triangle mangling likewise.

LFO seems fast enough for audio speed (again!) thanks.

In Mono Mode it has a Sub OSC as well.

delay before or after filter which is really cool for short feedback echoes!

Unverbindliche Preisempfehlung des Hersteller inkl.19% MwSt.
KORG minilogue: 713,00 EUR – Lieferzeit: Mitte Januar 2016

Minilogue Structure

2 & 4 pole low pass filter (MS10 style)
and static sum high pass filter (thinning out things for all voices)

to me Korg did a lot of things right except missing the mod wheel.
korg sequencer minilogue

it seems so.
note the “king” lettering below.

korg minilogue 2

korg minilogue

Credit to /u/frankgilcrest123 who posted the following to Reddit from a gearslutz thread. He wrote:

Surprised this has not made it over here yet. Over on the Gearslutz forum there has been talk of a new analog polysynth from korg. It will be around $500 and it is looking pretty slick. A few have confirmed the specs have been leaked on Russian gear sites and a french synth forum.

Description KORG Minilogue:

KORG Minilogue – is a  4-voice polyphonic synthesizer, with built-in reverb & delay effects.  Synthesizer has a MS-kind of sound analog engine, quick access to the 100 factory 100 user presets – all can be overwritten (afaik), 8 voice mode to create its configuration of 4 voices – unison, polyphony, and so on. 41 knobs, oscilloscope in real time gives a visual check of sound, 16-step sequencer with automation polyphonic up to 4 parameters synthesizer and more.

korg minilogue

Clock: Sync In and Sync Out interfaces with Electribe & Volca.



Forum/Diskussion und Neues dazu: Korg Minilogue – Polyphonic Analogue Synthesizer

French colleagues just reviewed it..

minilogue opened mini 1

Akai AX returning (analog synths)..

Akai says they will bring back the AX series..

It’s easy to forgot how great the analog AX series synths sounded. Celebrating the 30th anniversary of its release, check out this ‪#‎tbt‬ sound demo video. Might be a great board for us to bring back…
akai ax

TTSH going – Korg ARP 2600 – possibly not coming!

Also – am 8.1. werden die letzten TTSH Clones vom ARP 2600 ausgeliefert. Die NAMM beginnt am 21.1. – Das könnte sehr gut passen, dass die Lötkolben erkaltet sind, wenn Korg deren fertige Versionen des Klassikers mit 3000er Auflage starten – nun,das ist aber nicht er sondern die OkGo Volca, desweiteren ist der Laden, der den Korg 2600 listet einer, der alles listet, was in Blogs so steht, also auch Spekulatives – also – vorerst kommt wohl nichts. Nun, viele von uns sind versorgt. Nur wer nicht bauen wollte, kann dann vielleicht? KORG Arp 2600 limited edition of 3000 – passt damit nicht mehr zusammen.
Deshalb – einfach an etwas anderes denken, zB den Minilogue, der als Idee und mit seinem Preis analog und polyphon einer größere Innovation ist. DER KORG ARP 2600 kommt wohl vorerst NICHT.

ok, there is an end sale on the DIY Clone of the ARP2600
at 8.Jan.2016  – here’s the last batch:

so maybe it works perfectly with the upcoming Korg ARP 2600 which might be ready for NAMM 21.Jan – so when the soldering irons went cold Korg does the continuation? I think – no, the limited edition of 3000 that Korg teased was referring to the OkGo Volca and that Show (the other hint) just lists everything that could be there – some sort of super SEO-idea which has no importance at all.

we never know – but looks like the 2600 is NOT coming – I’d be surprised. the Minilogue is btw. the more innovative product on this years winter NAMM

that show also lists the DX10/VL10 idea and many more super speculative things which are surely NOT a product, so – the ARP2600 from Korg will be a nothing more than speculation until NAMM. Korg themselves say there will me no more – there’s already Nano Controller Bluetooth and the new Minilogue analog polysynth, which is sort of more stunning than a 2600 re-release, isn’t it? you can still buy a wARP

UPDATE: AudioElectric, a shop in germany just had this thing up, so it is very much the spec list of the 2600. So expect it to come soon.
thx Kai Aras via Twitter for this info.
audio electric
arp 2600 korg ae

they also got System 8, so it must not be true, still!