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Monique Synth Plugin

Monoplugs Monique – Ein Bass Synthesizer Plugin & Standalone ist monophon und hat einen Sequencer an Bord.

Monique is a monophonic morphing synthesizer with sequencer.

Hier 2 Videos die Morphing zeigen und was man mit den 3 Filtern tun kann:
what morphing can do and things about those 3 filters (and 3 oscillators)..

cute, that is – und das hier ist auch irgendwie niedlich – im Comic Stil

ein paar Presets – skipping through the presets

  • you may test it – the demo can not save patches and doesn’t allow audio exoport.- Getestet werden kann der Synth für unbegrenzte Zeit, jedoch ist Audioexport und abspeichern von Patches nicht möglich.
    Download auf der Monique Seite: Monoplugs Monique – Bass Synth Plugin
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NAMM 2015: Waldorf Wavetable Eurorack Module, Attack App, Nave Plugin, Jomox Rackonizer

Waldorf present some interesting stuff:

• A Wavetable Eurorack Module – the 1st time to enter the modular market – about 300€ street price (this is an official price)Waldorf-nW1-Wavetable-Module

note it has parameters that come from the Nave (App., Plugin), so that switch labelled “record” might be the audio analysis tool, also the routing for CVs is easy to understand – that speech tool might be the classic one “1-2-3-4-5” which was part of the software that created the first Microwave’s speech wavetables. User Wavetables and USB may look like there is an editor for your own stuff. Possibly the Plugin may be used as an editor!? Because there is one more thing..

Wavetables can be fed from Nave! Drumloops are possible but a bit lofi.

8MB for user wavetables – means 50 speech tables or 10 normal Waves fit in without re-saving.
USB for uploading Waves / Speech Synth.

• Nave as a Plugin-Synth

• Attack as an App (iOS)


•Re-Worked Waldorf Bundle
▶ Waldorf Product News 2015

Update: Jomox Rackonizer, Eurorack-Module
Filter Matrix with Waveguide, Delays and Reverb interacting. A specialty by Jürgen to keep systems in a resonating and sort of self playing and interacting state. using reverb and Wave Guide sounds cool to me – those jacks may just need some adjustment (more room)? Reckon-gnize me!

jomox rackonizer

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B-Step – VST Step Sequencer – OS X & Windows & Linux

B-Step is a VST Step Sequencer für Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

  • it has 4 tracks that can be assigned to 4 pitches with 4 lines of step triggers
  • each position can be set to another chord
  • note repeat per step
  • octave range
  • and dynamics  – which can be adjusted at once via one knob

this is more like a performance sequencer than just a sequence helper. can only be ordered as VST, not as AU.  for 19,99€ b step   Kleiner einfach wirkender 16-Sequencer mit speziellen Funktionen, die ihn komplexere Dinge tun lässt. Zum Beispiel Wiederholungen, Akkordverschiebung und Dynamikänderungen. Außerdem gibt es ihn auch für Linux. http://b-step.monoplugs.com

can be controlled by Launchpad:

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Paradox Uncreated – 303filter inspired free VST synth plugIn

God Animates Everything | Classic Esoteric Dualist Monotheism. (yeah!! to this title, blog name and slogan btw!) – well they are from norway and did a simple club track using it with no special video footage in, but well – it is free at http://sourceforge.net/projects/pxu – so you can try and use it yourself.

as they say “including mastering effects used on his latest release “Global Praises”, with a whooping -~3.6dB RMS average master. Completely clean!”

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Tone2 ElectraX – VST – a “standard workhorse” kind of synth (VA without Box)

Well I was searching for some softsynths, that fit well into todays production standards and found the ElectraX, which should work quite well on standard music productions without being boring – it’s a va without a box ;)

Tone2 – VST, VSTi, download, synth, synthesizer, AU, audiounit, audio, sound, music, instrument, effect, software, electronic, music.

of course it isn’t just a standard, you may compare it to the Waldorf Largo (Blofeld-Plugin Synth without sample access), it can do samples, wavetables and FM between the 3 oscillators and has 2 filters and arpeggiator. so this is – so to say- a Virus or Blofeld-style synth. The special one in this synth is fractal synthesis which has a sort of changes from “a bit modulated by subtle noise” to a foggy kind of sound, as demoed here (in the end) – it has a vocoder FX inside as well. so it’s somewhere between the NI Massive and standard VAs.

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VSTForx free routing of VSTs

VSTForx allows free routing of VSTs, so it’s kind of “modular” VST host.

Additional features:

  • add plug parameter on stage and bind them.
  • operators for parameter connection (inverse, EXP, …)
  • step sequencers and
  • switches
  • audio2parameter-value modules(e.g. ADSR-trigger)
  • load several VST-instruments and assign them via MIDI-channel
  • comes as fx, and VSTi

Currently available for Windows. Mac version planned.

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