Tone2 ElectraX – VST – a „standard workhorse“ kind of synth (VA without Box)

Well I was searching for some softsynths, that fit well into todays production standards and found the ElectraX, which should work quite well on standard music productions without being boring – it’s a va without a box ;)

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of course it isn’t just a standard, you may compare it to the Waldorf Largo (Blofeld-Plugin Synth without sample access), it can do samples, wavetables and FM between the 3 oscillators and has 2 filters and arpeggiator. so this is – so to say- a Virus or Blofeld-style synth. The special one in this synth is fractal synthesis which has a sort of changes from „a bit modulated by subtle noise“ to a foggy kind of sound, as demoed here (in the end) – it has a vocoder FX inside as well. so it’s somewhere between the NI Massive and standard VAs.

Tone2 ElectraX Overview

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