20 years ConseQuence

20 years ConseQuence
6.jan.2005 – 20 years anniversary of ConseQuence (moogulator) music! FREE ANNIVERSARY DOWNLOAD 2 CDs!! now online!!

Moogulator (+ consequence)
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consequence volition CD

1) CONSEQUENCE – Regression CD
2) CONSEQUENCE – Volition CD
3) CONSEQUENCE – Real or not ? (Real?or-noT)
4) CONSEQUENCE / MOOGULATOR – Gedankenrauschen (Real or noT 2)

VINYL 7″ :

* „not allowed“ (consequence/volition)/ „color me blood red“ (projekt: Graft)
ebm und industrial style.. vorw�rts und chillig/kinom�ssig – mind movie like electro/industrial

* „seductive?“ (consequence) / „Eternity“ (projekt: Cybotech)
seductive – ebm style, eternity ist etwas clubbiger.. 90’s – 90ies club..

* „quiet revolution“ (projekt: Karma Propaganda) / second disease (kein moogulator projekt!)
synthpop und hard ebm style..
(diese single gibts nurnoch in kleinen mengen!!)

some compilations:

Hard Industrial Work (sold out)
Industrial Madness (sold out)
Industrial Machine Musick (sold out)
Hard Target (sold out)
Human Deadline
Der Rat der Grauen
Electronic Hopes (sold out)
Inside Out (sold out)
FFG #2
Schule für Tontechnik – (sold out) – a school of audio engineering CD-ROM
some compilations.. see www.consequence.info and www.moogulator.com

12″ & more to come:
-white line 1 feat moogulator
-monte christo compilation feat moogulator + dada-inn (feat. moogulator)
and more..

– :: CONSEQUENCE 1985-2005 :: –
– :: 20 years of Electro Industrial Music :: –

Consequence CDs:
regression + gedankenrauschen .. available ..!
-> free download of 2 more CDs under „audio“..

experimental, ebm / industrial influenced!, rhythmic 6.Jan.1985 – 2005
consequence industrial electro music
CONSEQUENCE industrial beats + restructured clicks
all consequence (moogulator) music projects listed here..

consequence electro music

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