Acidlab Miami (TR-808 clone comparison) Audio @

Acidlab Miami Drummachine (2009)  -> agent compared Roland TR808 with Acidlab Miami..

808_vs_miami – The Audio (mirrored – you hear both)

another TR808 on this file, same thing 808-miamitest

( note that other tr-808 sound different (also the ones I used before the current one) so one shouldn’t see a particular machine as a reference. )

There’s audio and text..

he says: acidlab miami (TR-808 clone) @

individual sound comparison:

Bassdrum : the miami bassdrum rules, there is no other word. The frequency is a tiny bit lower than on my 808 and it has a crazy long decay. Miami wins.
Snaredrum : my 808 Snare has a higher basic pitch and more noise (due to the internal TM 4 pot setting which also affects the toms) . Different sound on both machines result but both are authentic.
Toms : my 808 toms have a slightly shorter sound (especially set to conga) and more „room noise“ added (again due to TM 4). The Miami conga sound is a bit too long for me in this comparison, so advantage to 808.
Rimshot : slightly lower pitch frequency and more body on my 808 (less piercing attack) – I prefer the 808 here
Clap: my 808 clap has more attack, lower frequency, less decay. The parameters attack/decay are set by internal pot TM 3 – its possible to tweak between clicky attack with no decay and endless noise) – I adjusted my 808 to my preference, miami has the „roland standard sound“
Maracas: the miami „shaker“ sounds like a „scratch“, not very smooth (could be due to pot settings) – clear advantage for 808 here
Cymbals : lower basic frequency and longer decay on my 808, no important difference for me
Open HH : higher basic frequency on my 808 and slightly smoother sound (probably due to a high pass filter setting) – the miami could bring a better result in a recording mix cause usually the high frequency of the 808 HH cause problems in the mastering (QUOTED
agent from Forum post)

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