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Rumours: Roland Boutique TR808/909 TB303?

Es gibt ein Gerücht, welches via Kommentar (in „Audulus 3″) eingegangen ist, nach dem es die bekannten Drummachines TR808 und 909 evtl als Boutique-Versionen geben könnte, also klein aber mit voller Funktionalität – ebenso trifft das für die TB303 zu. Ob das stimmt? Wissen wir nicht. Aber – möglich wäre das als limitierte Auflage. according to a post in the comments – another speculation is possible: Roland´s 2nd batch of Boutiques will be TR-909, TR-808 and TB-303! Roland engineers (in fact it is just a wish of someone): “EXPECTATIONS FOR THE…

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Köln 21/22.8. Synthesizer-Filmdokumentation Vorführung „I dream of Wires“ und „808“

Im Rahmen des SEE THE SOUND-Filmprogramm  gibt es- u.a. 2 Dokus, die viele sicher kennen – über Synthesizer: • „I Dream of Wires“ am/im 21.8., Kölnischen Kunstverein – Modulare Synthesizer, Hersteller und Künstler sowie • „808“ (über die Roland TR-808) am/in der 21.8. Fritz Thyssen Stiftung Köln &d 22.8. beim Open-Air-Kino am Hans Böckler Platz. Event Links dazu: https://www.facebook.com/events/804631492990711/ https://www.facebook.com/events/872715359477838/ Dort verabreden? Nicht allein gehen? Darüber reden? Im Forum 21/22.8 Köln, Vorführung „i.d.of Wires“ & „808“

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Roland Aira – Post NAMM 2.nd-4th Teaser for new SH101/TR808/TB303 -> TB3, System 1, TR8

UPDATE – it will be presented on Musikmesse but also in Feb. – and they put out some more till then – they seem to be more into the promotion of stuff – they did not show the AIRA series at NAMM but have another teaser for the world and I also just post it and send you to the longish forum posts (page 35) .. 4th Update: it’s called ACB – Analog Circuit Bahavior – Korg’s buzz word is quite similar (component modeling…) it means – they analyzed it…

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Roland AIRA – rebirth of the TR808 and more TR / TB stuff + Voice Transformer VT3

it’s this video which makes us think it will be the classic TR/TB coming back as analog or analog modeling machines – it’s just the end of this clip … NAMM is coming – so be prepared  aira looks like some of the a’s are for analogue? on of the names is TR8 or TR9 .. and some more melodic below – mc202? tb303? or a full real multi track thing incorporating some more and without the „you need to stop the sequencer when editing“ problem of the MCs..? good idea,…

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Planet Rock and other tales of the 808 – documentary

Planet Rock and other tales of the 808.is an upcoming documentary on about and featuring the TR808, haa, where’s Kraftwerk? here’s a musical teaser to it. what do you mean? TR808 Drummachine..? trust me, the EES MIDI was one of the best MIDI Kits I had in the TR, why? it’s really dynamic from a very subtle click (0-1 vel) to a big and deep BD. if you could live without the sequencer when using this. aaaand still lots of outboard needed. anyway, one of my fav. machines I used. 

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