Roland TR08 – TR808 Boutique

wie die TR09 aber mit TR808 Design – Die TR08 hat 808 Sounds und die gleiche Bedienung und einen analogen Trigger Ausgang.

TR08 is the new mini TR808 – with analog trigger outputs – usb ind. outs – see below. 10k pcs will be made.

roland tr-08
Roland Boutique TR-08 Rhythm Composer

One Take with Roland Boutique TR-08 & SH-01A: Mathew Jonson


roland boutique tr-08: digitaler tr-808-bonsai-clone

Roland Boutique TR-08 & SH-01A with Mathew Jonson

  • digital
  • Retains the sound, character, and user interface of the original TR-808
  • Hands-on control including tone, level, tuning, and decay
  • Added Compressor, Gain, Tune, and Pan for selected instruments
  • Programmable via classic Step and Tap write modes
  • Sequencer has 16 steps with 16 sub-steps for detailed patterns and rolls
  • Continue playing beats even while switching between write modes
  • LED display for easier navigation and fine control of tempo and shuffle
  • 10 separate outs via USB audio
  • track-selectable analog trigger output
  • metal front panel
  • Includes DK-01 Boutique Dock for multiple-angle viewing
  • Battery compartment (4 x AA) / USB powered
  • Built-in powered mini-speaker
One Take with Roland Boutique TR-08 & SH-01A: Mathew Jonson

M.Jonson hatten wir auf im Studio-Focus in SynMag 61 – seit 30.3.2017 – Das Synthesizer-Magazin

Boutique Series

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