Alesis Andromeda A6 + RED AREA in the Database INFO

I have changed the place where you can find the andromeda a6 synthesizer infos and links..

the older html version is no longer needed.. just search the database for andromeda and you’ll be there (after clicking „more..“ the first result is always the small info window.. after „next“ you see the long version..

it’s all in the database now.. so the url is this:
Alesis AndromedaA6
andromeda a6 synthesizer

the redish area is the active database part, it’s always the short form.. all ifnos with this background will have a more link to get more info.. (database only of course..)if you want to see the grey area (the long version with more pics and infos and links, sometimes audio) click the red-background synth infos (the „more…“ link will lead you there..

a demo? click on the right info box „SynthDB“ to search for all sh synthesizers..
you are in the red aerea.. well.. you like some more info about the sh101? just click on the sh101’s MORE link below or it’s name.. you will be in the grey area with more info (mostly)..

try typing andromeda in the SynthDB field and click it.. now you see the red one, click the more link and you’ll see LOTS of info..

der rot unterlegte bereich heisst: es gibt noch mehr infos, einfach auf den „mehr“ knopf drücken.. rote ergebnisse bringt nur die suche oben rechts „synthDB“..

and here’s btw a nice mod by kris rhen:
alesis aurora
alesis aurora mod

nice mods can be found in the forum: Fies-ical MODeling? synthesizer-bending?

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