Arturia Matrixbrute – 3 Oscillator analog MonoSynth + Keystep Poly-Sequencer

  • Auch wenn er an den Bahn Sage erinnert – er ist echt – it’s real.
    Ein paraphoner / monophoner 3-OSC-Synth mit Matrix-Routing
    Arturia Matrixbrute Analog Synthesizer
  • para & dual mode (oscs played by each key pressed through 2 filters for all) or ladder filter on lower rang, steiner filter on up split side.
  • 3 x Oscs – 2 oscs with sub like brute series (micro) incl metallizer – one new different one – the 3rd.OSC can also work as an LFO (hey FM! hey Minimoog!)
  • 2x filter –  12 / 24 dB filters -> multimode (Steiner Parker) and ladder (Moog)
  • FM osc 1->2 and 2->3, filter FM
  • osc sync
  • 2x ADSR Envelopes (with vel-control)
  • 1 DADSR Envelope
  • Envelope Follower (scans amplitude)
  • 3 LFOs (500 or more Hz)
  • sequencer via matrix input, 64 steps – has line for modulation, accent, slide.
  • patching and routing via matrix
  • colour noise (red, …)
  • matrix: 4 last slots are for modslots – just wiggle a knob and it’s assigned – and listed on the display (4 mod sources) – plus the obvious – select source – destination and amount (pos/neg) – easy.
    looks it is NOT limited in how many routes can be set –
    it’s all live patchable!
  • analog (!!) effects – incl „some kind of reverb“, delay (stereo/mono), chorus, flanger
  • Arpeggiator
  • USB, MIDI (3x), 3x exp/pedals, sequencer sync in/out, gate in/out,
  • 12 cv in/outs for most parameters inside (!) – means the matrix sums up and sends/receives from these! MODULAR so to say!
  • size: 860*432*107mm
    weight: 22kg

update: about 1.9k€, available Q2 2016.

walkthrough (update)

more in depth II – some audio teaking at the end (nerdish) – listening to filters, oscillators, sequencer operation, analog fx

Arturia MatrixBrute Namm 2016 Matrix Brute eurorack modular questions

arturia_Matrixbrute_3 arturia_Matrixbrute_matrix arturia_Matrixbrute_mod arturia_Matrixbrute

this isn’t a fake, it’s real, it is a 3 OSC-Synth from Arturia and monophonic btw – paraphonic – so you can play 2-3 notes but it’s running through the filters for all voices as known from the Odyssey, Sub37, etc. It’s huge

pix thx A.Fischer  <3!

Arturia presents MatrixBrute, Analog Avant-Garde

arturia matrixbrute

Keystep – Sequencer.
MIDI, USB, simple CV
Polyphonic Sequencing, 32 Keys (enough to be powered by an iPad)
8 Sequences can be stored.
Arpeggiator (8 Types)
Chord Memory
Arpeggios with Chords
maybe also the cheapest MIDI keyboard atm.
aftertouch & velocity!
keystep back keystep sequencer

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  1. […] –> Arturia – new luxury 3OSC-Monophonic-Matrixsynth more complex than Brutes (not many details yet) […]

  2. Also unter 2000,- bei dem noch lange nicht fertigen, im Juni erscheinen sollenden MatrixBrute…
    Das der alle diese Features haben kann, Hexenwerk.
    Na mal sehen. Ick freu ma.

    1. inzwischen ist auch noch mehr bekannt, wirklich günstig für das Geld, fair.

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