Arturia Matrixbrute – 3 Oscillator analog MonoSynth + Keystep Poly-Sequencer

  • Auch wenn er an den Bahn Sage erinnert – er ist echt – it’s real.
    Ein paraphoner / monophoner 3-OSC-Synth mit Matrix-Routing
    Arturia Matrixbrute Analog Synthesizer
  • para & dual mode (oscs played by each key pressed through 2 filters for all) or ladder filter on lower rang, steiner filter on up split side.
  • 3 x Oscs – 2 oscs with sub like brute series (micro) incl metallizer – one new different one – the 3rd.OSC can also work as an LFO (hey FM! hey Minimoog!)
  • 2x filter –  12 / 24 dB filters -> multimode (Steiner Parker) and ladder (Moog)
  • FM osc 1->2 and 2->3, filter FM
  • osc sync
  • 2x ADSR Envelopes (with vel-control)
  • 1 DADSR Envelope
  • Envelope Follower (scans amplitude)
  • 3 LFOs (500 or more Hz)
  • sequencer via matrix input, 64 steps – has line for modulation, accent, slide.
  • patching and routing via matrix
  • colour noise (red, …)
  • matrix: 4 last slots are for modslots – just wiggle a knob and it’s assigned – and listed on the display (4 mod sources) – plus the obvious – select source – destination and amount (pos/neg) – easy.
    looks it is NOT limited in how many routes can be set –
    it’s all live patchable!
  • analog (!!) effects – incl „some kind of reverb“, delay (stereo/mono), chorus, flanger
  • Arpeggiator
  • USB, MIDI (3x), 3x exp/pedals, sequencer sync in/out, gate in/out,
  • 12 cv in/outs for most parameters inside (!) – means the matrix sums up and sends/receives from these! MODULAR so to say!
  • size: 860*432*107mm
    weight: 22kg

update: about 1.9k€, available Q2 2016.

walkthrough (update)

more in depth II – some audio teaking at the end (nerdish) – listening to filters, oscillators, sequencer operation, analog fx

Arturia MatrixBrute Namm 2016 Matrix Brute eurorack modular questions

arturia_Matrixbrute_3 arturia_Matrixbrute_matrix arturia_Matrixbrute_mod arturia_Matrixbrute

this isn’t a fake, it’s real, it is a 3 OSC-Synth from Arturia and monophonic btw – paraphonic – so you can play 2-3 notes but it’s running through the filters for all voices as known from the Odyssey, Sub37, etc. It’s huge

pix thx A.Fischer  <3!

Arturia presents MatrixBrute, Analog Avant-Garde

arturia matrixbrute

Keystep – Sequencer.
MIDI, USB, simple CV
Polyphonic Sequencing, 32 Keys (enough to be powered by an iPad)
8 Sequences can be stored.
Arpeggiator (8 Types)
Chord Memory
Arpeggios with Chords
maybe also the cheapest MIDI keyboard atm.
aftertouch & velocity!
keystep back keystep sequencer

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