AVP Synth VAS100 Digital Synth & ADB5 Analog Drum Synth

Ein kleiner digitaler Synthesizer
und ein analoger Drum Synth mit 4 Instrumenten
stellt sich vor.
Es gibt auch MIDI CV Interfaces.

the VAS100 is a small size digital synth (left)

most of it’s routing is being managed via switches
it has 2 OSCs, LFO: watch this..

AVP Synth VAS-100 (Official demo)

AVP Synth VAS-100 Multitracked (Official demo)

ADB5 – the analog drum synth (right)

  • is a small drum synth with BD,SD, Toms, Hihats
AVP Synth ADB-5 Analog Drum Box (Official demo)

AVP Synth

russia based.
they also got MIDI CV interfaces..
connect via FB

avr and russian classic synth

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