Bastl Modular (Euro Format)

That name looks totally cool for German ppl to work on a modular system (tweaking and stuff).

they got these modules – other then in Germany the prices are without VAT, so add something like 19% over here.


Knit Rider (16hp) – 6 voice trigger / gate sequencer, 230 eur
GrandPA (5HP) – granular sampler, 173 eur <– Microgranny as a module..
Quattro Figaro (10hp) – quad vca + cv invertors + mixing, 164 eur
Tea Kick (5hp) – more than just a bass drum, 90 eur
Noise Square (5HP) – noise and square source, 90 eur
Skis (5HP) – dual decay + vca, 90 eur
Little Nerd (6HP) – trigger / gate processor, 123 eur
Abc (5HP) – 6 channel mixer, 82 eur
Spaghetti (4HP) – inverter, buffered multiple, unity mix, 82 eur
MULTIPLE (2HP) – passive multiple, 25 eur
Bastl Modular Revealed - HRTL performs on 95HP bastl skiff

where you can get it:

Modules are available now from Please check the website for details and availability. Name ist wohl Programm, jetzt haben die Macher der kleinen Sample-Boxen ein Modularsystem bereit..
Bastl sind am 28.3. abends auf den 29.3. (in der auch die Uhr umgestellt wird) zu Gast bei LSB TV, lohnt also die einzuschalten –
lsb bastlstream ab 0:00 am SA abend 28.3.
ow it looked like:
the Bastl family is on the right..
Bastl ppl coming up

Bastl auf LSB TV / Alex TV 

bastl performance 2

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