Beats with UltraNova and Launchpad: Explained – YouTube

Live beats with UltraNova and Launchpad: Explained – this is a nice little Demo of the Ultranova and Ableton with 3 Launchpads in use. first controlling the usual clips, second for drums and third controlling FX. Let me say, that for drums a dynamik pad would be more suitable of course – but this is of course by Novation – so is obvious they use it as a drum pad as well.

in fact this just a „modern“ normal set of things you can use in todays music production – by one company, the ultranova being your DAW control and display. so note this is just (almost) could be „remote“ controller in this demo OR the synth, ..

so just to tell you those things not „said“ but should be clear.

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