granular sampler for iPad – Granular App collection list: Borderlands,iDensity & Performance Samplers a nice granular sampler which is (hence the name) between everyhing from reactable to sample wiz‘ –

Chris Carlson - Live Harvesting

as you can see – it’s also beautiful, not just sounding. aaand there’s 2D directional sample waveforms placed when working with it – looks a lot like getting it for my stage noises..

still hope for a cool Ensoniq EPS/ASR’ish AU Plugin – means granular PLUS modulation of loops, position and multiple ways of playing the sample back & forth – AND App for the iPad..-->  ipad granular
there’s still nothing that is really cool – no samplers on the mac, no samplers on the iPad sound good and able to just do what I need, .. come on! can’t be to put the old samplers back on stage, right?

btw – love to Oliver who’s running the great Wire 2 the ear blog..

UPDATE: some nice tips came in – thx to Verstaerker:
iDensity  – does not react to USB keyboards – but it’s a great tool.

SAMPLE WIZ iPad App Review A - VOCAL WARPING Examples!



Diskussion und Sammlung hier im Forum ipad granular und hier für Plugins (AU) mit Loopmodulation/Positionsmodulation und mind alternierender Abspielmöglichkeit ASR10/EPS-Ensoniq Style Sampler? + Granular

Sample Wiz is a good and playable one and even polyphonic but it’s quite low quality, so one has to choose. granular is almost static if not made the Sample Wiz‘ way..

I went for iDensity and Sample Wiz, maybe add the little SoundYeah as well for just playing little quick and dirty loops and „speechies“.. I love to have those at hand, may save one big „synth“ keyboard thing. but it’s not everything I’d like to have which is in a Vsynth right now, but 5 octaves are a lot of stuff to carry.

there is Curtis, which can not be „played“ but -as usual- pitched and stretched, which is in fact more control over the performance – here’s the basic principle – the current version has some parameters to tweak and a keyboard – so it should be playable as normal. 8€ – isn’t „expensive“ but for an app it is „not cheap“, hmm

And another mostly playable grain synth with 2 OSCs that can be blend via LFO is grain science, also 8€

Grain Science — Quick Overview

something different…

and this one called SoundYeah is very similar to the 2D Pad on the VSynth which works like a multitude of NON granular samples that can be played like a turntable, not just start and stop. so, sorry – this isn’t granular so it’s not qualified.
note this is not „granular“ but EPS-style manipulation with loop, but still a bit too reduced – anyway – not a bad idea for performances so – that’s why it is listed here:
iPad Screenshot 2iPad Screenshot 3iPad Screenshot 4

just hope to be able to play those via usb keyboard still, not just stationary which is a bit too limited of course. – there is Samples Wiz, that is able to tune and play..

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  1. Es geht um Performance Sampler, der EPS/ASR ist auch kein Granular Sampler gewesen. Dein Beitrag hilft leider nicht, um die Sammlung zu vergrößern, gefragt ist nach den Eigenschaften der Modulation der Start/End/Loop-Positionen und mind 3 Abspielrichtungen UND Granular-Samplern, die sich für Performance eigenen und wo Austausch von Samples einfach und schnell geht.


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