granular sampler for iPad – Granular App collection list: Borderlands,iDensity & Performance Samplers a nice granular sampler which is (hence the name) between everyhing from reactable to sample wiz‘ –

Chris Carlson - Live Harvesting

as you can see – it’s also beautiful, not just sounding. aaand there’s 2D directional sample waveforms placed when working with it – looks a lot like getting it for my stage noises..

still hope for a cool Ensoniq EPS/ASR’ish AU Plugin – means granular PLUS modulation of loops, position and multiple ways of playing the sample back & forth – AND App for the iPad..–>  ipad granular
there’s still nothing that is really cool – no samplers on the mac, no samplers on the iPad sound good and able to just do what I need, .. come on! can’t be to put the old samplers back on stage, right?

btw – love to Oliver who’s running the great Wire 2 the ear blog..

UPDATE: some nice tips came in – thx to Verstaerker:
iDensity – does not react to USB keyboards – but it’s a great tool.

SAMPLE WIZ iPad App Review A - VOCAL WARPING Examples!



Diskussion und Sammlung hier im Forum ipad granular und hier für Plugins (AU) mit Loopmodulation/Positionsmodulation und mind alternierender Abspielmöglichkeit ASR10/EPS-Ensoniq Style Sampler? + Granular

Sample Wiz is a good and playable one and even polyphonic but it’s quite low quality, so one has to choose. granular is almost static if not made the Sample Wiz‘ way..

I went for iDensity and Sample Wiz, maybe add the little SoundYeah as well for just playing little quick and dirty loops and „speechies“.. I love to have those at hand, may save one big „synth“ keyboard thing. but it’s not everything I’d like to have which is in a Vsynth right now, but 5 octaves are a lot of stuff to carry.

there is Curtis, which can not be „played“ but -as usual- pitched and stretched, which is in fact more control over the performance – here’s the basic principle – the current version has some parameters to tweak and a keyboard – so it should be playable as normal. 8€ – isn’t „expensive“ but for an app it is „not cheap“, hmm

And another mostly playable grain synth with 2 OSCs that can be blend via LFO is grain science, also 8€

Grain Science — Quick Overview

something different…

and this one called SoundYeah is very similar to the 2D Pad on the VSynth which works like a multitude of NON granular samples that can be played like a turntable, not just start and stop. so, sorry – this isn’t granular so it’s not qualified.
note this is not „granular“ but EPS-style manipulation with loop, but still a bit too reduced – anyway – not a bad idea for performances so – that’s why it is listed here:
iPad Screenshot 2iPad Screenshot 3iPad Screenshot 4

just hope to be able to play those via usb keyboard still, not just stationary which is a bit too limited of course. – there is Samples Wiz, that is able to tune and play..

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4 Thoughts to “granular sampler for iPad – Granular App collection list: Borderlands,iDensity & Performance Samplers”

  1. sampl

    Thumbs up for Ensoniq’s special machines. Have a great day!

  2. Oh Gott

    Oh, Gott, was schlechte und ūberflūssige Info zu Borderlands. Und SoundYeah hat leider gar nichts mit granular zu tun.

  3. Es geht um Performance Sampler, der EPS/ASR ist auch kein Granular Sampler gewesen. Dein Beitrag hilft leider nicht, um die Sammlung zu vergrößern, gefragt ist nach den Eigenschaften der Modulation der Start/End/Loop-Positionen und mind 3 Abspielrichtungen UND Granular-Samplern, die sich für Performance eigenen und wo Austausch von Samples einfach und schnell geht.


  4. ps: Es stimmt, das SoundYeah missverständlich hier eingebracht ist, korrektur. Solle ich zumindest erwähnen ;)

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