CD-format to be abandoned by major labels by the end of 2012

here and there I heard rumours like this:
CD-format to be abandoned by major labels by the end of 2012 – Industrial Music Facebook news at SIDE-LINE.COM.

so it’s true, the world ends in 2012, thanks Maja people!
you can still buy Moogulator CDs, btw ;)

Wie man lesen kann möchte die Musikindustrie auf großem Fuß die CD dann doch mal kippen, in vielen Läden gibt es allerdings ohnehin einige Sachen nicht, so man im normalen Megadingsstore guckt, deshalb kauft man vermutlich eh schon länger bei freundlichen kleineren Läden, die dies oder das noch da haben, was dann passiert? Mal sehen. Das die Majors das aufgeben bedeutet aber nicht, dass man keine CDs mehr produzieren kann. Das Musiker mit Online wenig bis nicht-der-Rede-wert „verdienen“ – besonders wenn da Amazon und Co dran hängen ist sicher auch kein Geheimnis, ich verkaufe meine CD für 10-15€ max, bei Amazon kostet sie über 20€. Da weiss man, wo es bleibt. iTunes ist reine Präsenz, da sieht man keinen nennenswerten Betrag, dh – wer Lust hat, kann seine Musik/er beim Livekonzert unterstützen und kauft die CD direkt vor Ort, denn das bringt den meisten Musikern am meisten, so sie keinen Deal mit jemanden haben. Fragt sie einfach, sie werden sich freuen, dass sich einer dafür interessiert. Ansonsten ist es nur ein Datenträger, vollkommen austauschbar. Und 24 Bit gab es nie so richtig irgendwo zu kaufen. Audiophilie war gestern? Also, dann Tschüß liebe CD.

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3 Thoughts to “CD-format to be abandoned by major labels by the end of 2012”

  1. For Me bad news :( I bought just one online record in my life (RMB Evolution).
    Will be the death of so many Record stores or the music industry kills herself. E.g Indie bands still press their cds could happen that people buy more indie records instead of major label music like lady gaga etc.
    Would be funny if it happens this way ;)

    i am still willing to buy cds :)

    long live the CD

  2. there’s a big big chance of selling directly and no transportation needed for any „hardware“ (the medium) – the bottom line is – a lot of people still buy at amazon or itunes – and they charge musicians – so if you got the chance to override that distribution thing you got a lot of nice new possibilities, even when playing live – no need to carry those CDs – you may give them a code or URL and possibly some password and they can download it in high quality, just put it on your webspace. that’s in fact more about the music itself not the fetish about the medium, and of course you can send 5000 pixels 450dpi artwork – and ok – you may hope those ppl got a nice screen. and videos are also just some data.

    they may copy it and do not help you as a musician to survive or even pay some cents to a russian server per month and download everything, the artist will never see a buck (maybe bugs!)

    so – what’s so important with those storage mediums? I buy a CD copy it onto my computer and then the CD will be in the shelves. it’s easier and faster to play, ..

    but of course there’s one thing – the music industry (do they exist, still??), especially the distributors and shops etc. you get rid of those and make more money, in this case the seller does, so if it’s amazon you may still pay 99 cent per song or 20€ per album, but they get more benefit. I sell my CD for about 12-15€ – amazon asks 20,90€ – I can sell it for them for a lot less but … you may know what it’s in here, right?

    so there’s big chances, big new same old stories and other experiences you might have after 2012.

    I like the music, so if there’s 24bit files or minimum 320bps audio or better it’s ok for me, the better the quality the happier..

    atm you can buy CDs quite cheap and most of them have been copied a thousand times ..
    and there’s not that big money in the music / artists and even labels for „normal“ (non mainstream) music you REALLY listen to and that you really love.

    the industry herself ;)

  3. […] ok – let’s just wait what they will do. in 2012 the music industry will still exist not selling CDs or the music industry has exactly one company left? – AKPC_IDS += […]

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