Step Sequencer via Launch Pad on / with ReNoise

Step Sequencer – Start page.

  1. 8, 16 or 32 steps (due to the Launchpads 8-step principle)
  2. unlimited amount of tracks / patterns
  3. set up for each track a sample, sample bank, a vst instrument or a Midi instrument of your choice
  4. set for each step: velocity, delay, note values including „note OFF“, note length
  5. chord mode: insert up to 3 notes in one track
  6. variable note resolution: 3 modes switchable (for example edit 1/2, 1/4 or 1/16 notes)
  7. quick clear: delete all steps of a track at once
  8. complete bidrectional editing: all changes made with the Launchpad are visible in the software plugin at once – and vice versa
  9. autoload: existing notes with used instruments are loaded into the plugin/Launchpad display
  10. all parameters changeable during play in the plugin
  11. instant instrument switch: when selecting another instrument for a track, the notes in the pattern of the appropriate track are changed to the new instrument automatically
  12. control the complete pattern with your Launchpad: scroll through the tracks with up/down buttons, make the next steps visible with left/right buttons and the „next page“ button
Launchpad Step Sequencer Lauflicht Part 1

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One Thought to “Step Sequencer via Launch Pad on / with ReNoise”

  1. DJyucatec

    This version doesn t allow to play with a Launchpad!!!! what make it worster that it already is!(a friend did download it and it jump everytime you chane menu ,,(just a toy for amateur) Anyone interested for Real full free version with saving mode ,integrating effect and look alike the max for live:
    here are five free sequencer to download for free and saving option(not like this lousy gridy programmer)

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