Clavia Nord C3 Dual Organ

The dual manual Nord C3 Combo Organ emulates three types of vintage organs carefully modeled from B3, Vox* Continental and Farfisa* Compact Deluxe originals.

Features …

– Dual 61-note manuals, same keybeds as Electro 61
– New 2nd generation tonewheel organ model
– Two transistor organ models
– 3x vibrato, 3x chorus, unison function
– Tube-style overdrive
– Three types of amplifier simulations (including rotating speaker)
– Delay with tap-tempo
– Reverb (5 algorithms)
– 3-band EQ
– Louder outputs
– Dedicated bass pedalboard MIDI input
– Trek II String Bass emulation, with controls to activate sustained & „pluck“ bass

Really cool features …

11-pin rotary speaker connector – connect a Leslie, Motion Sound, or other rotary speaker with an 11-pin connection, and control it using the C3’s rotary speaker controls; includes a high-level output & options for sending just the B3 to the external rotary speaker, and the transistor organs to an amp connected to the L & R 1/4″ outputs

Half-Moon Switch accessory (optional) – a physical switch that takes the place of the panel controls for rotary speaker; controls external rotary speaker or internal emulation 

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