Collecting Features for the Waldorf XT OS 3.0

feel free to post here. (I’ve pushed this post from 21.11.2006 back up here)

note: comb filters are not possible on the XT due to the DSP Ram, also the Code Space is not that large..

beside bugfixing, the ppg filter (which I do not find that desirable compared to other ideas..) and filling up the reserved wavetables?

any Idea..


Ein paar Ideen zum MicroWave XT OS 3.0?

Forum: Waldorf Microwave XT OS 3.0

what is / was ist ein XT?: Waldorf MicrowaveXTk, MicrowaveXT

Microwave XT Microwave XT synthesizer

here are some listed so far:

•being able to switch of the bass boost on the Xt..
•setting the ringmod points to other than just the OSC outs (can do a lot post filter btw)
•fm modewithout affecting note pitch (means DC filter)
•filter bypass – maybe also saves DSP powrer
•upper wavetables
•bit/resol. cruncher modable in filter 2.. with simple static filter for no-nice frequencies – other filter models that offer nice combinations of digital dirt and filtering.. in that case we need filter 2, in other cases I could imagine using the power for other things..
• wave editor and wt editor on the box, can be simple like using the env knpobs 1-8 and the mode switch for editing the additive waves and a simple list of numbers (waves) for the WTs, should be easy and should not use too much code ..
•sequencer via env-knobs – switch to 9-16 via the env mode button.. easy and usefull simple stepper..
-> no comb because needs DSP Ram which is not available, also code space is low..


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