Control MAQ16 via Launchpad (MAQ steuern)

this is quite a cool thing. by attorks

note what most of this can be done with numerology without hardware, but this is a nice way to use the MAQ16 as it should be used..

here’s what he though..

.. bought a Novation Launchpad to experiment further with Ableton Live. But I also wanted to see if the Launchpad can be used to control the Doepfer MAQ16/3. I discovered the AutoMap software provided with the Launchpad is a bit of a disappointment. As far as I know now you cannot send a Program Change message with the buttons. And the MAQ16/3 needs them. I also did not get the MIDI learn function to work but maybe I missed something and the documentation is not much help.

Anyway, I used the MIDI-OX software to translate the MIDI notes, which the Launchpad sends, to Program Change commands with the Data Mapping option. I am only using the top 4 rows. The buttons on the first row turns step 1 to 8 on. The second row turns step 1 to 8 off. The third row sets the first step of the 8 step sequence and the forth row sets the last step of the 8 step sequence. Also the top 4 arrow buttons on the right are used. The first one turns all steps on. The second one turns all steps off. The third one chooses the first row on the MAQ16/3 sequencer and the forth one chooses the second row on the MAQ16/3 sequencer. You first have to choose the row on the sequencer where after the buttons apply for that row. It would be easier if the first four button rows could be used for row 1 on the sequencer and the second four button rows for row 2 but I could not map one note command to two program change commands.

The first row on the MAQ16/3 sequencer drives the Modular and the second row the self-built Modular.

This video is a demonstration and not intended to provide you music of a certain quality

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