Roger Linn LinnStrument @ Forum

The Linnstrument ist larger now, a lot larger. Basically it is a Touch-„plate“ which responds to pressure as well. Find some Infos here:

The most new part is that the lettering is gone, so you need to make your own scales which is of course better but maybe harder to learn without anything printed on it? also it reminds more of a guitar (neck) so in the country of guitars it might sell better, then? and of course it is a bit closer to the Haken Continuum (the tour with Roger Linn and the Eigenharp) in the looks. And it is a „Bowing“ Controller area now, so looks like they all inspired each other…

Das Gerät hat nun doch eine andere Form bekommen und sieht nicht mehr so sehr dem Apple Magic Touchpad ähnlich, wie der Prototyp.

Controller-Event feat. Roger Linn LinnStrument @ Forum.Bild
klick the picture – there is more..


some1 might remember the C-Thru Controller which had buttons instead..?

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