Cylonix Cyclebox Oscillator Module

CYLONIX CYCLEBOX is a digital Oscillator but is is able to generate a large (huuuge!!) frequency range which sounds like it might be good at FM and everything that is modulated at higher speed (audio, possibly beyond?) , it also has Sync to offer and a lot of waveforms compared to „standard“ analog oscillators.

these shapes look interesting:
Random pulses, truncated sawtooth, bipolar pulse, mirrored bipolar pulse, resonant sweep, mirrored resonant sweep, vowels, mirrored vowels

there are nonlinear waveforms (however – don’t know how they are made /of ..)

that „Mega“ Mode is for animation of multiple copies of one waveform with detune, can you say supersaw? …

this one looks a lot like having an ear ready to compare about quality..
and it’s 550€ which MUST be hi-quality, then! ;)

Cyclonix Cyclebox

very technical demo

did not find any musical demos so far..

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