Dave Smith & Pioneer: Sampler Toraiz SP16

Dave Smith hatte eine Kooperation angekündigt. Dies ist sie – mit Pioneer. Sie haben einen Sampler gebaut, der analoge Filter von Dave Smith enthält (aus dem Prophet 6).
Dies ist kein Controller, sondern ein eigenständiger 16stimmige Sampler. Er enthält einen kleinen Sequencer, aber er ist offensichtlich auch eine Groovebox mit Schwerpunkt ein Sampler zu sein. Es gibt 4 Takte pro Pattern und es soll auch eine Chain-Funktion geben. Weshalb sich alle auf 4 Takte einschießen, weiss niemand.

Gesehen mit Dave Smith in einer kleinen Kammer auf der Musikmesse:
Musikmesse_16_0017 Musikmesse_16_0021

Diskussion? Hier im Forum: Dave Smith goes Pioneer: TORAIZ SP-16 (Sampler)

Dave Smith : The Interview

here’s a new sampler from Dave Smith & Pioneer DJ with
• analog filters from the Prophet 6:
• sync via midi & internally via Pro DJ Link (Pioneer stuff only)
• 8GB flash memory
• 16 voices
• real time time stretching
• 16 dyn. pads
• 16 step sequencer / 256 patterns
• touch screen (editing samples on 7″)
• $1499 -> 1600€

it’s not a controller, it’s a standalone hardware sampler. it’s not a groove box, since 16 steps is not really that much – but maybe they can be set to multiple or chained ones – we’ll have to wait it out, it’s a full blown analog filtered sampler, so it is exactly what a lot of ppl where asking for – an instrument, maybe a bit unexpected to come from a non instrument source/company but who cares, they did it.

Pioneer DJ TORAIZ SP-16 Official Introduction

pioneer-dj-toraiz-sp-16 toraiz dave smith

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5 Thoughts to “Dave Smith & Pioneer: Sampler Toraiz SP16”

  1. jens

    > it’s not a groove box, since 16 steps
    > is not really that much

    wieso? unten rechts kann man doch die patterns wie bei den electribes x4 verlängern. bei mpc forums ist das teil eingeschlagen wie eine bombe. in den yt-kommentaren sagen einige bereits, ihre maschine studio verkaufen zu wollen. der straßenpreis – wohl 1.499 euro – geht in ordnung imo, weil man keinen laptop braucht. was mich interessiert: quantize, swing, midi beat clock geht, aber was ist mit externem keyboard/controller via usb oder midi in? funzt das? wäre gut, wenn du das auf der messe herausfändest. man kann jetzt schon sagen: 2016 is the year of the return of the standalone hardware device! klasse! controller sind sooooo 2015!

  2. jens

    mic, kannst du bitte herausbekommen, ob das teil 24 bit wave files importieren kann? die bei prime loops, loopmasters, loop looft udgl. angebotenen loops kommen meist nur noch in 24 bit. der sp-404sx kann nur 16 bit files importieren, der sampler im fa-06/08 – fast baugleich – kann 24 bit. octatrack kann 24 bit importieren.

  3. jens

    > ein Sampler der extern gesteuert werden wird/will.

    verstehe nicht, wie du darauf kommst.

  4. jens

    wichtige mitteilung von dsi via gearslutz:

    „Dave and I fly to Frankfurt tomorrow for messe and there should be more info available once I can speak with reps from pioneer. To my knowledge, the analog filters are only on the master bus. They are definitely not per part. I can’t speak to the output and potential send routing in the box as we only had a prototype in the office to qualify the analog filters‘ operation and sound. I would guess that any part can be freely assigned to any of the outputs, though I don’t know whether the filter can be placed across any of the non-master outputs.“

    mehr interessante meinungen:

    So this is that Studio440 Mk2 many have been waiting for. It just seems like Pioneer’s attempt to create a Maschine and Traktor device in one. If you had told me that DSI was going to put something out for the DJ crowd, before NI made their own DAW… weird.

    In the Edit Window (right-click image and open in new window) there’s VOLUME at lower-left : below says 100, next is „PAN“ and below pan it says „C“ (centre), then is „PITCH“, below is „3“. To me that’d mean +3 semitones; that appears to be per-track (16 tracks). So it can play back chromatically!

    See that the „Track Type“ says „Sample“, which leads me to think there are other types (maybe midi?). The word „Sampling“ appears, which seems to further confirm you can sample on the inputs. Another question: will she swing?

    It is a very interesting product and I don’t think it will be the only version. just as their rmx fx units, a smaller version might be coming out in 6 months without all the outputs and touch screen etc (as the rmx 500 has less features).

    Pioneer sold the dj division a few years back and it changed the name to pioneer dj (which afaik is not connected to the rest of the audio products anymore) and since then, they have been covering more and more territory outside of their cdj and djm line of products. they have midi controllers from very budget friendly all the way to 2k for a 4 channel one. between this and the dasz unit and probably something coming from the big japanese guys (korg, roland) it’s cool to have more standalone tools.

  5. jens


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