SynMag @ Superbooth 16, Berlin – Synthesizermesse – SynMag Stand: BL370



Die Installation im Bogengang stammt von Max Joy und Jonas Margraf. Eine 24-kanalige Ambient Klang-Installation. Das bitte nicht ignorieren und drauf achten! Ich glaube das ist spannend, da die Protagonisten wirklich fähige Leute sind.

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Diese schönen Steampunk-Instrumente von Moritz Wolpert wurden vor Ort am Donnerstag gespielt von ihm und seinem Kollegen Christian am Modular..


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  1. wow, jede menge montages zum antesten. wäre gern auch da gewesen, musste aber arbeiten. apropos montage: mic, ich habe gestern einen offenen brief an phil clendeninn von yamaha usa im yamaha synth forum gepostet. der inhalt wird dich 100-pro interessieren. es ist ein veritabler rant geworden. ich finde, der montage ist seriously flawed…
    dear yamaha synth people,
    by not allowing montage users to tweak stock arps WITHIN the keyboard and save them into a user location, you cut the bough you are sitting on. 10,000 arps and no way to modify them? gimme a break. whose crazy idea was that? it´s true, in the past motif customers had zero reasons to create user arps, but only because they rightly preferred to use the onboard pattern sequencer for that kind of ableton-like clip production purpose. now with the montage BOTH pattern creation AND user arp tweaking are gone! what were you thinking, for god´s sake? yamaha wants 3,000 euros for that workflow mess pita? laughable. for comparison: in order to use the cheap roland jd-xi which comes with no sd card slot, one ALWAYS has to run a laptop in conjunction with it, otherwise every jd-xi pattern would be lost after switching off power. with the montage–a high-end product–it basically will be the same. it´s crazy. without external processing and reworking the board is useless. in case you missed it, phil: there is one kylie minogue album that was entirely produced and recorded on a triton studio. i know a guy in the business who still record whole songs on his fantom g. yamaha seems to have little or no understanding of their target audience. you said you created and designed online surveys and polls. for your information: survey participants are often purely driven by the desire to make engineers change specs. they want future products to be DIFFERENT. my guess is that motif users who liked the onboard sequencer did not take part in your survey because they were happy customers. let´s face it: you achieved nothing with your surveys. when montage was announced i was thrilled. i wanted to purchase one immediately. but without basic funcitionality (copying chorus measures within a track, for example) this thing has nothing to offer, workflow-wise. sad. epic fail.

  2. hey, mic, poste doch mal das foto der rückansicht der alex groovebox von dasz instruments, die auf der messe in halle 9 gezeigt wird.
    das teil hat midi in/out, kein thru, USB, einen sd-kartenschlitz (yeah!), jede menge analoge ausgänge und leider den headphones-ausgang hinten. erinnert farblich an die geräte von nord. leider heißt es, es handele sich erst um den allerersten funktionierenden prototypen. zur superbooth sei man nicht rechtzeitig fertig geworden. mir scheint, da wird mit heißer nadel gestrickt. das bedeutet m.e. im klartext, dass man wohl erst mit einem release zur namm 2017 wird rechnen können.

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