Dave Rossum (ex Emu) – PM Sampler Eurorack Module – Assimil8or

Phase Modulation – ist faktisch wie FM in der Wirkung. Dave „E-mu“ Rossum hat nun einen Sampler mit Phasenmodulation ins Eurorack gebracht, er wird auch auf der Superbooth in Berlin zu finden sein.

Dave Rossum, former E-mu, has just posted the new Sampler that is capable of Phase Modulation which is in fact a sort of FM that works when the Frequency is beyon 40Hz (Audio Speed) and won’t collide with Yamaha’s patent on Frequency Modulation (FM).
it has a plethora of CV inputs and 8 outputs, control of position and sample start/end.

listened to Skinny Puppy while thinking about that Name? Assimil8or?
well, seems you have to upload your sample to the card and it works.

dave rossum sampler

more Dave Rossum Modules..

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