do you speak „sherman“? SHERMAN FILTERBANK from Belgium

Filter Box Overview

do you speak ’sherman?
Sherman Filterbank 2

not german, but from belgium! ;)

after the very charismatic filterbank 1..
basically the Sherman Filterbank 2 is a synthesizer without oscillators!
maybe a nice DIY project could make this machine a real charsimatic synthesizer?
maybe add a nice small mfb synth to drive it.. ;)
btw: I have never seen such a good manual with so many examples and really easy!
and: hmm, cute! really.. as cute as the „VCA-man“ in the ms20 manual
sherman filterbank
enlarge above image? click the image..!!
FM and AM! „distortion“ by overdriving the input!
filter sounds quite rough „british“ ms20’ish!.. but it never sounds „bad“. but it CAN SOUND EVIL! ;)
you have 2 independet filters both sweepable from LPF to BPF to HPF! also there is a nice knob for adjusting the filters called anti mix correction.
here you can have non symmetric bpfs ,lpfs and hpfs.. so this makes another „kind“ of filter characteristics.. (eg: a hpf that still lets some bass freq. pass through)..

I did a nice drumloop and shermanized it, you hear FM at audio speed (to the end) and some knob turns..
sherman filterbank
you can connct averything to the sherman, there are even 3 midi thru! (makes sense)
all is CC controllabe via midi but you also got the envelope out and trigger in. FM and AM in!
you can control the second AR envelope, too by external
sherman filterbank
enlarge above image Sherman Filterbank 2? click the image..!!

sherman filter bank
see the harmonics knob? here you can set the second filter to be a static harmonics „generator“ for you! this make a lot of sense for drumloops and stuff..
ADSR env and an LFO that max range is audio speed! the lfo has some triangular waves

I tested it with a fairly „non phat“-drumloop.. if you set it right, you can beef it up a lot!!!
LISTEN! HEAR!, how it gets more phat (starting with original)..

vlaamse enveloppen!
HÖREN! LISTEN! – sherman audio files (find it in)
im file management system von (of) (sorry sherman, ehm,german server system) hier / here AUDIOFILES
more „audio abuse“ of the sherman filters: HIER / HERE

filtered saxophones (sax_OFF_on!) by south marsian authorities pattysplanet

german parameter list:
1. Hi boost/Cut Ore-Equalization
2. SensTrig/Eingang sens.
3. Eingangsempfindlichkeit / distortion
4. Frequenzmodulation (stärke)
5. ENV Trigger (adsr)
6. Attack time/ Env. Follower
7. Decay time ADSR
8. Sustain level ADSR
9. Release time ADSR
10. ADSR ENV mode.
11. ADSR out signal
12. LFO speed
13. LFO mode
14. LFO display
15. Phasen/Antiphasen Intensitätseinstellung des LFO
16. Amplitudenmodulation Intensität
17. AR Trigger
18. Attack Zeit AR
19. filterrouting parallel – seriell
20. Release
21. FX wet mix
22. Effekt enabled
23. shift + Oct./ + Quint.
24. Tracking Normal
25. Tracking gauge
26. cut Frequenz Filter 1
27. ADSR Mod Filter
28. Resonance 1
29.filter type – Tief / Band / Hochpass 1
30. „Anti Mix Korrektur“ Filter 1
31.Sync display
32.Filter 2 Harmonics festeinstellungen und free mode
33. cutoff Filter 2
34.ADSR Mod Filter 2
35.Resonance Filter 2
36.filter type Tief/Band/Hochpass Filter
37.“Antimix Korrektur“ Filter2
deutscher bericht?

deutsch/british.. ANALOGE synthesizer / german distribution german/british and other synths.. vertrieb jomox, vermona, macbeth, mfb / fricke etc..
sherman is from belgium and have a very good site! check the video!!
of course there was a filterbank 1 – the #2 is the predecessor..!
there is also the limited edition (95 made) quad modular filterbank QMF

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