Elektron Analog Rytm – 8 voice analog drum machine with sample support

Elektron Analog Rytm is the name of the new Elektron Drum Box.

8 analog filters and distortion.
analog components are connected internally via digital tech – so it is also a full analog drum synth!
8 voices
Synth DB -> Elektron Analog Rytm groove box with TR sequencer

128 projects – Samples via USB – but it’s not just a sampler but has sample support.
DIN Sync & MIDI.

also analog: compressor @ master section
12 pads are dynamic
drum sounds are made from analog components that can be reconfigured by software (updates)
so this is both – an analog drum machine but also a sampling engine that can be filtered analoguely.

so this is a real analog machine PLUS digital features, routing and a lot of analog components. 1489€

the samples are not analog of course –  filters and distortion are
sample SUPPORT may not mean tooo much sample ram but enough to load what you really need.

Forum: Elektron Analog Rytm

Die neue Maschine hat dynamische Pads,

analoge Filter
ist 8 stimmig
kann Samples einladen (unter dem Begriff „support“, dh das wird nicht so viel Speicher sein–)
analoge Verzerrung und Master Abteilung mit Kompressor
12 dynamische Pads mit Beleuchtung (farbig)

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