Elektron Analog Rytm with 12 dynamic pad + Waldorf Rocket-Style Filterbox?

UPDATE – it is

Synth DB -> Elektron Analog Rytm groove box with TR sequencer
we don’t know yet – it’s something with 12 (dynamic I assume) colour-illumination-Pads –

so it could be:

• MPC / Maschine Style Groovebox – Sample Engine
• Clip Launcher – Sampling Engine
• Some Synth or Drum Gear – but maybe makes not too much sense since there’s already Machinedrum for synth drums..

it is – a combination – sample playback and analog sounds but not a clip launcher.
it is analog WITH sample playback engine added:

Elektron Analog Rytm is the name of the new Elektron.

it IS analog it has 8 voices and it’s made for drums and also it has sample capability. and it has 12 drum pads..

8 analog filters and distortion.
also compressor at master section
pads are dynamic

sample SUPPORT may not mean tooo much sample ram but enough to load what you really need.


elektron box

• so – what about a sequencer – maybe including poly melodies the Elektron-way? and – this may also incorporate samples? makes sense. And – 12 Pads makes 12 chromatic Tones possible which is enough to play all notes polyphonically – the last 4 aren’t needed because this machine already has it’s 16step-button line.

Forum • Elektrons neue Maschine...

NAMM Mini Update: Waldorf has this – looks like Rocket 2 or redesign of it?
UPDATE2 : it’s a filter box – just like Rocket under 200€ and it’s a filter box – not a synth this time.

–>Re: 23-26.1.14 USA, NAMM 2014

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