23-26.1.14 USA, NAMM 2014 – Overview – Übersicht

start hoping, wondering, wishing for news..
wie immer können wir jetzt schon wünschen und spekulieren und bangen.und auf einen G3 Modularsynth mit Sampling hoffen und das alles: Forum • 23-26.1.14 USA, NAMM 2014.
important highlights @ NAMM 2014 so far:

  • Clavia – the reduced Nord Lead A1 as always – we want our G3 sampling modular synth.. as every year. No – it’s the A1 – analog modeling – not virtual analog – the term that clavia introduced themselves and also shut down when the Nord Wave came out..
  • Duophonic  Moog sub 37
  • something from elektron – a new box – analog drum machine – called Analog Rytm.
  • Roland Aira – new sequencer based on post MC/TB/TR drums and synths
  • New Modular: Buchlaistic Verbos
  • Motu has a Thunderbolt 828 Audio Interface called the 828x
  • Pittburgh + Studio Electronics team up
  • Step Sequencer with CV/Gate MIDI and USB für 99€ by Arturia Beatstep
  • Triton Taktile – Controller (Keys, Pads, Sliders, Knobs)
  • M-Audio Pad with (known from MAX keyboards) Sequencer Trigger Finger
  • Alesis Sample Pad Pro (USB / MIDI – your Samples in here!) with 6+2 Drumpads
  • make VSynth / VP9000 kind of granular sample processing with your samples in a euro module by CV! from Qu-Bits called Nebulae
  • Bitwig DAW coming in March 26.th – at 300€ (a bit like Ableton Live) but the core is modular so everything can modulate everything which means – you can route your own sequencer or LFO to any parameter and everything is integrated – also controller support for livid, novation ..
  • iPad DAW by Korg – Gadget
  • Controller: 3D Finger-Ring controls iPad (iRing)
  • Enzyme FM with Samples -> Enzyme Hybrid Scanned / FM Synthesizer » Synthtopia
  • Behringer Controller with motoriszed faders  – Motor 61 & 49
  • Alesis – also more Pads at the place the Wheels normally sit..
  • Beat Tweaker from Izotope – 32Step Sequencer with interesting ways to roll/flam sounds and generate variations along with a synth (accepts samples) for FM/AM and other things
  • Korg – MS20 DIY Kit for about the price of 2 MS20 Mini (limited to 1000 pcs) – don’t know why and if they are different – but..
  • Korg Keytar based on Microkorg XL