NAMM 2014 III – Controllers, Izotope Break Tweaker Groovebox Software & Waldorf 2Pole

ok, NAMM is running and it seems most news is/has been said:
there is one more thing..

1) Waldorf shows a Rocket-Sized Box – 2Pole – it’s a filter box – it looks like this:
so it has distortion stereo input and an AD envelope with hold and an LFO for control of the filter.

image: debug:

2) Break Maker is the name of a beat creation software from iZotope
it’s not a controller it’s a pure software groovebox tool. it has triggering macro edit to make some things faster to input / retrigger and built in synth – morphing waveforms and samples with FM/AM is possible – 32 step sequencer. but with variations which is possible the most interesting feature in here.

3) Behringer has motorized Fader Controller Keyboards (of different octave ranges) called Motor 61 + 49
as well as Alesis got Controllers with dynamic colour pads with several octave ranges

NAMM 2014: Behringer Motor 61 - Moving Faders On a Keyboard

4) Modules in euro format – there is more to come – es gab auch einige neue Euro Rack Module, die hier im Forum gesammelt werden. -> NAMM 2014 – der Eurorack-Thread

5) Moog has a quantizing Theremin called Theremini

6) There’s some more Controllers – mostly with Pads …

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