M-Audio Trigger Finger – Controller with built in sequencer

M-Audio unexpectedly brings out something that looks like NI Maschine but with 16-Step Sequencer Line – this is basically Drum Pads and a jam-type of sequencer like the Akai MAX49 has, so – this is still a controller not a groovebox or host or even a drummachine. that sequencer can not be reprogrammed but could be a cool tool if one could access it – it has built in midi as well to send the sequences somewhere. since M-Audio belongs to the Akai/Numark/Alesis Group (inMusic) this might be the same concept as the MAX Keyboards but as a pad controller. 4 memory banks – so really just for jamming. Pads change colours to show the VELOCITY (which is nice)

comes with Software (Arsenal) which does the samples and is a plugin. ($399) – sends / receives CCs assignable by the user. Parameter feedback on Screen – which is still rare. Like Novations Remote SL Series.
Forum • 23-26.1.14 USA, NAMM 2014

Forum • 23-26.1.14 USA, NAMM 2014.


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