NAMM News 2014 II Triton Taktile, Arturia Beatstep CV/MIDI Step Sequencer + Alesis Sample Pad Pro

Korg releases Triton Taktile. It#s basically a combination of Controllers like Pots, Sliders and Pads with different keyboard sizes – 49 / 25 – no 37 note keyboard.- it has a small simple synth aboard but not full access to everything so this isn’t for the nerds, this is for something to do fast and without too many special wishes on sound design.

It also has a Kaoss Pad as FX Performance.
It’s also available in smaller versions (25 keys). So welcome Controller / Synth Combinations – like Ultranova etc.

and OLEDs are everywhere – tiny little ones like in the DSI Tempest, P12 and KingKorg..

Arturia has a Spark-(LE) kind of Step Sequencer – this time it has 16 knobs instead of the TR-kind input with dynamic Pads. Those can be used as a TR-kind of input in „blue LED mode“ or as a realtime input as you might know. so – this should be a good idea as long as there are arrow keys to work on more than 16 steps. it records MIDI CCs and talks to iPads in iOS. 99€ does not look expensive. so this may be a very cool companion. This has CV/Gate, MIDI and USB – so this is just cool.

btw- Beatstep works without Computer as well – 

Arturia Beatstep

SPARK has a new 2.0 Software Update/Facelift and many things changed..
„users are free to add and subtract modules (including oscillators, multimode filters and Karplus-Strong filter, ADR envelopes, LFOs, mixers, ring modulator, Bode Frequency Shifter, spring mass, and CV processor); create their own patch routings; and assign up to six macro controls for immediate control. Clearly, it’s this truly modular, fully-accessible sound engine that makes SPARK 2 truly shine as the ultimate drum synthesizer!“

and Alesis has a new Sample Pad Pro out..
your own sounds in SD cards, 200 drum sounds already in (in 10 kits) – USB and and 6 Drum Pads plus 2 rubber pads, MIDI in/out
also as a Rack – with 8 trigger inputs -> Alesis Sample Rack , Sample Pad (built 2014) – Sampler

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