Verbos Modular – Buchla inspired

these MODULES by VERBOS ELECTRONICS are strongly Buchla inspired, the demo video shows the old Buchla 200 and so here it is..

The Complex OSC looks very much like it – Timbre (Shaping), Mod Index (FM) and 2 OSCs in one Module. 32HP

and here is another new thing – harmonic oscillator – this means the 1-8th harmonics can be controlled and seen as a simple additive kind of osc plus standards – so you have a nice source – even for FM or something that needs subtle variation from sine to „more than triangle“..

aaaand – the multi purpose Envelope / LFO / Sequencer – Thingy called the VOLTAGE MULTISTAGE..

it is a mixture of all of them – maybe the most interesting one I just quote the original text:

In theory, a sophisticated enough control voltage source can replace all of the control voltage sources in a modular system. That includes saw, square, pulse, triangle LFOs, AR, AD, ADSR, multistage envelopes, tracking generators, quantizers and of course sequencers.

It is not practical to actually replace all of these with one module type, but the Verbos Electronics Voltage Multistage can create any of these control signals.

As a sequencer, it  has switchable slides and gates on each stage. Gate are output musically to match slides and stepped stages.  As a multistage envelope, any stage can be the sustain. Stage „TIME“ can be voltage controlled.

The „ref.“ output is a falling ramp the length of the entire stage. This is usable as a decay envelope the length of the stage.

When the „strobe“ input is pulsed, the setting of the „analog“ control and CV input selects the stage. This is usable as a reset or to jump to any specific stage of the sequencer.

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