Underworld – Tour Gear (Modular)

this modular was used by Underworld recently – it’s very very new style westcoast’ish – Verbos Modules (top and left and middle), on the bottom – so it’s buchla’esque – FM, shaping and the like.. hope I won’t gonna miss them – here in germany. Underworlds Live Modular Synth Rack von der letzten Tour. -> Es gibt noch mehr solche „Gearspotting“ Bilder – hier: Welcher Act nutzt welchen Synthesizer – Synthspotting

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Verbos Modular – Buchla inspired

these MODULES by VERBOS ELECTRONICS are strongly Buchla inspired, the demo video shows the old Buchla 200 and so here it is.. The Complex OSC looks very much like it – Timbre (Shaping), Mod Index (FM) and 2 OSCs in one Module. 32HP and here is another new thing – harmonic oscillator – this means the 1-8th harmonics can be controlled and seen as a simple additive kind of osc plus standards – so you have a nice source – even for FM or something that needs subtle variation from sine to…

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