NAMM 2018 – Post-News / Modular News / Updates

wieder ein kleiner Sammler für allerhand Zeug und Kuriosii™

Pittsburgh Modular Microvolt 3900 Synthesizer

NAMM 2018: Pittsburgh Modular Microvolt 3900 Synthesizer | SYNTH ANATOMY

Verbos Multi-Delay

NAMM 2018 Verbos Electronics Multi delay Processor Walkthrough and Sound Demo

4ms Spherical Wavetable

NAMM 2018 4ms Company Spherical Wavetable Navigator Walkthrough and Sound Demo

Sensel Morph Touch Surface

NAMM 2018: Sensel Morph Touch Surface

non modular updates:

Nord Electro 6 – Piano / Organ
twice the memory, 3 zones, xfade, fx for all 3 sections, very simple, split/layer, sampling 2x, more models (organs)..

NAMM 2018 - Clavia Nord Electro 6

Waldorf Quantum Update

NAMM 2018 Waldorf Quantum

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