Underworld – Tour Gear (Modular)

his modular was used by Underworld recently – it’s very very new style westcoast’ish – Verbos Modules (top and left and middle), on the bottom – so it’s buchla’esque – FM, shaping and the like..

hope I won’t gonna miss them – here in germany.

Underworlds Live Modular Synth Rack von der letzten Tour.

-> Es gibt noch mehr solche „Gearspotting“ Bilder – hier: Welcher Act nutzt welchen Synthesizer – Synthspotting

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One Thought to “Underworld – Tour Gear (Modular)”

  1. Jockli

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***

    Ein verrückter Montage-User erzählt im Yamaha Synth Forum, was passiert, wenn man mit einem MIDI-DIN-Kabel die MIDI-OUT-Buchse des Montage mit der MIDI-IN-Buchse des Montage verbindet…

    Thought I’d try this out. I ran a MIDI cable from the „out“ to the „in“ on the back of the Montage. I set up a 16 part performance. I had to assign a MIDI channel „out“ to play the MIDI channel „in“ for channels 9 thru 16. I had to turn on the MIDI zones for each and assigned channel 1 „out“ to channel 9 „in“ for example. This could make for a pretty enormous sound no doubt. Parts 1 – 8 were still under keyboard control as usual. While in the mixer I could mute any part(s) I wanted to control this massive sound. Here’s a photo and you can see all of the levels are hot.

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