Elektron DigitoneSynth 

Elektron Digitone – 4OP-FM Synth + 4 Track-Groovebox

Digitone ist ein 4OP-FM-Synth mit subtraktiven Elementen (bedeutet: mit Filter), ein Synthesizer also mit Sequencer im klassischen Stil.

Elektron Digitone is a 4 OP FM Synth with Filters and 4 Track Sequencer. Classic 4 measure max. length.

Cool: Es gibt Macros und Eingabehilfen für Frequenzen für mehrere OPs, Detune und macht daher das Einstellen einfacher und schneller. Gut!
the Digitone has some macros to change detuning, OP frequencies – here it is more optimized to macros – the ALG is always shown in the display. There is plenty of those in the digitone, so it’s different from the Yamaha-approach. you may need to learn about it as well but they tried a lot to make it easier – which is good. and – it makes other things controllable, that are more easy to be used „as a whole“ – rather than just one parameter – it feels more like morphing something.

• 8 voice, polyphonic
• 4 tracks
• 4 OP FM,
*Operatoren sind Oszillatoren mit Lautstärkensteuerung durch Hüllkurve. OP is a name for an oscillator that controlls it’s level by an envelope.

mehr dazu: Digitone im Forum.

schade: nur 4 Takte, könnte man in 2018 nicht auch mal um 8 oder 16 Takte bitten? FM entwickelt sich und braucht mehr Platz. Schon beim DX200 waren mit 16 steps zu wenig, bei der Electribe die 4 Takte und jetzt hier auch. Ich warte…
still for FM it should have at least 8 or better 16 bars of pattern space – it’s 2018 and time to add some LEDs – right? it’s still possible and – I had problems to accept electribes to become 4 bar-sequencers as well as the DX200 that had only 16 steps – sorry – I’m waiting for something on that topic!

Digitone — At a glance

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One Thought to “Elektron Digitone – 4OP-FM Synth + 4 Track-Groovebox”

  1. Synth voice features
    8 voice polyphony (multitimbral)
    Multiple FM algorithms
    1 × multi-mode filter per voice
    1 × base/width filter per voice
    1 × overdrive per voice
    2 × assignable LFO per voice
    4 synth tracks & 4 MIDI tracks
    1 arpeggiator per track
    Polyphonic sequencing
    Individual track lengths
    Parameter locks
    Micro timing
    Trig conditions
    Sound per step change
    Send & master effects
    Panoramic Chorus send effect
    Saturator Delay send effect
    Supervoid Reverb send effect
    Overdrive master effect
    In- and outputs
    2 × ¼” audio input
    2 × ¼” balanced audio output
    Headphones output
    Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port
    MIDI IN/OUT/THRU ports with DIN sync out
    W215 × D176 × H63mm (8.5 × 7.2 × 2.5’’) including knobs and rubber feet
    Ultra-crisp OLED screen (for optimal visibility in dimly lit environments)
    Tough, durable and precise rubber knobs and backlit keys good for 50 million presses
    Weight approximately 1.45 kg (3.2 lbs)

    Overbridge enabled

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