ELSA Sampler (iOS APP) simple loopable with fast access dividers

simple sampler for the iPad – does loops (forward and alternating) – reverse must be done via reversing the sample in the editor,
it has simple loudness ADSR envelope and one 2D Pad for FX (reverb included) and filters as fx as well. well – add those with ADSR..

those dots look like some action can be done

  • 3 start/stop modes (one for all, one per note, one per octave) <– and this one.

1,79€ won’t hurt much – these number buttons are dividers for the sample length.
still searching for me dream sampler on the iPad – still. sharing with other apps so I can upload samples once for any sampler – but these are effective for live playing..

seen and triggered from here New Sampler For iOS – Elsa » Synthtopia
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