(Emagic) Apple – Unitor Update 2.5 today! MIDI Interface

Hey, just got Unitor 2.5 Update via Auto-Update at Apple. Unitor Series is long long cancelled, since Apple killed a lot of Products those days (they still do not seem to like MIDI at all). But this time I must say it’s nice to have them supporting the Unitor Family incl. the MT4 still. thanks.
Hmm, maybe it’s just for Logic Users or possibly Logic 9 only, users report they got Unitors but no Logic and that Update is not shown. But must be 10.5.7 at least.

Unitor-Treiber 2.5

Der Unitor-Treiber unterstützt die folgenden MIDI-Interfaces: Unitor8, AMT8 und MT4. Dieses Update behebt bestimmte Probleme bei der Zuverlässigkeit, besonders beim Verwenden mehrerer Unitors.

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