Eurorack Module: 4ms Multitap Delay // Aion Moog: Filter Coupler 904A-C, VCO, VCA, EG

4ms introduces a multitap delay (means – it’s more than one) – that can be animated by an internal sequencer and be morphed from one to another setting – note the VEL and PAN parameters?

Qual of course isn’t „pain“ (translation to German) – rather than just a bitcrusher-kind of thing – quality. aaaand there is a force sensor for tapping in the time(s)


here’s the Aion, offers the most important Moog modules in Eurorack format and therefore be one of the first most complete ones – well what do you need to really really do the Moog? the reaction of the envelopes and the VCA with exp and linear characteristics, the later more stable 921 VCO that is driver and oscillator in one module (the earlier ones got one driver and 3 normal oscs that follow the driver – need FM or something? get another driver) – will not so here – each 921 has it’s own driver – like every other module in the eurorack world.

aaaaand – the filter is complete – there is highpass (no resonance-like the original), lowpass and the coupler that controls both to make it easy to mod & patch.
those prices range from 180 to 340€ – so it is reasonable for what you get. I rarely had a listen to something really fat and authentic in that size, so.. here it is.

–> auf Deusch: Günstiger Moog-Clone – authentisch und fett im Eurorack
orum Diskussion: Aion – Moog Eurorack 921 und 904,904A&B, Coupler..

Aion, Macbeth, Synthesis Technology LPF comparison

Aion Modular Filter 904-a STG Sea Devils Filter Eurorack Demo

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