Cavagnolo Exagone Polyless Analog Synthesizer

Analog Synthesizer from france, just added to synthDB (thx to studio dreadful)

Exagone Polyless synthesizer

EXAGONE Polyless built in 1982 by Cavagnolo

1 + Polyphonic Voices / Stimmen 2x Multitimbral

Memory / Speicher small info ©

value / Gebrauchtwert can't tell € in 2010 (ultra rare)


subtractive analog hybrid tech: no

Waves 3x fixed pulse saw

2 OSCs , 1 Filter lpf self reso 2? Pole info ©

1 LFOs pulse saw, 2 ENVs 2x AR info ©

Ctrl/Trig no, 64 Keys repond to AT/VEL no

Arpeggiator no Sequencer no

viaCavagnolo Exagone Polyless

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