Faderfox UC4 Controller

UC4 side view



Faderfox is updating – after the SC4 Sequencer and PC4 Controllers the UC4 is another USB powered small controller:

8 endless encoders with push button function & display
8 faders (imagine envelopes, intensity, keytracking and stuff like that
8 buttons (these are new)
1 crossfader
Range Settings from X to Y (new)!
MIDI Ports in/out (the most important thing compared to the SC3 / new)

all these can fire up 264 commands – commands are NRPNs / MIDI CCs, Program Changes and stuf like that. Not made for SysEx.
connects to iOS as well (Core MIDI Compliant)

why this? because it is very small! a lot of controller may be too much!

Firefox bringt neuen UC4 Universal-Controller, Core-MIDI-Compliant, daher für iOS ebenfalls einfach einsetzbar.

UC4 top view black-2