Fyrd SQR Step-Sequencer (+Probability)

Ein klassischer Sequencer mit Wahrscheinlichkeitsfunktion. MIDI und CV tauglich und zum Start 500€ – er erscheint im Bild „riesig“ – aber im Video sieht man, dass er durchaus nicht so übergroß ist.

a more classic kind of step sequencer from France – the Fyrd SQR has 4 tracks to offer to send it’s signals to CV and MIDI and – it adds probability for each step, so the sequencing can slightly change over time randomly.

it’s 600€, but you get a discount of 100€ when ordered early.

fyrd sqr sequencer
here’s the specs..

  • 16-steps with individual control of pitch, octave, gate length, gate probability, slide length and stage behavior
  • 4x CV/Gate channels with mono- or polyphonic control (chords)
  • 16-stages behavior sequencer: for each stage you can either play it normally or skip it, stay blocked on it for up to 16 steps, create a tril (up to 8 notes per step) or jump to any other step of your choosing
  • selectable shapes for the slide between two notes (exponential, linear, …)
  • selectable scale for pitches and chords
  • selectable CV offset per channel
  • for each channel: loop-in/loop-out, warp mode (forward, backward, ping-pong), step duration (1/32th to 2 bars)
  • 3x sync modes: internal (with or without MIDI clocks out), external clock (for modular rigs) and MIDI
  • selectable clock divider for all sync modes, both for input and output clocks
  • RUN and RST i/o for complete control of transport
  • 80x slots in memory for saving/recalling all your patterns
  • firmware updates via USB

Forum: Fyrd SQR

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