General Discussion: give me your feedback

There’s 2 or 3 little things I’d like to know:

1) as posted in prev. Post I normally prefer to not repost things rather than to push an older thread up again and to edit the new things – so you will have a more complete picture without lots of hopping – good? the only disadvantage may be: it will not appear as another RSS, no more Twitter or Facebook update is triggered and I can not tell you when I have checked this thing first – I ain’t bovvered about being „faster“.  so yes, no? better? post in the comments please..

2) the current form is ok? there’s almost more english in it except posts I see more in the local area) concerts and things related to the forum where english is understood but not enough to keep it as a real subforum ) so it’s almost english preferred here and some posts are german with 1 or 2 sentences to help you non-germans to understand what’s it all about.

3) I avoid posting things from auctions, synths with cats, women, nude or other just because it is there. means: I try to catch the essence of the synth bloggery-vloggery to date.

3a) I really MUST avoid all videos of some hands with „Me playing Depeche Mode on a XYZ“, because – sorry. it just sucks. if there’s a special cover that I find worth mentioning, I WILL post. but that happens every now and then. hmm, I like some special Lofi or Bending extras, but if it’s just sounding awful and screaming without ANY musical meaning I just add it, if it looks loke it could do if you got enough imagination and at least: it is a bit filtered by simply being human and got „taste“ in a way. I really like some Buchla 200e noodles, but I don’t feel like to post EVERY Gakken 150 and Tenori-On stuff just because it is up on Youtube.

Hope you’ll enjoy my selection and please  – let me know if you miss something or want more words or details or something changed that helps? till now I kept tagging all „synth“ (categories!), I start now also categorizing it, so the older content will get more or less (more less) important, since most of it is still in the synthDBase at 2 mouseclicks and some typing (just type syst and click roland to find all the System… Synths)

There is a lot of stuff hidden underneath, so you need to try to search and find everything. but you WILL find at least via GLOBAL SEARCH (to right labelled global SITE:)

just post in the comment if you like to say something about the blog at all and the way it is. maybe I can improve things!? but it’s just me behind it. but I hope it’s all cool. sometimes I have to work, less posts then ;)

if you want to listen my music or buy some of it just check I’m working on a new 12″ Split EP atm.. release somewhere „soon“

would you mind or like gadgets and computer stuff in here? some more about webby things? or just as is? I am much into web 2.0 stuff that are not always related to music but could be. want that?


ich habe da noch was in deutsch, was noch einen anderen Themenschwerpunkt hat, oder wäre es sinnvoll Musik im Netz, GeMA und Co hier auch hin und wieder mitzunehmen (thematisch)? Ich mach’s eh, aber bisher im Forum ..

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