Florian Anwander – Roland Jupiter 6 Change VCO2-to-VC01-modulation to VCO2-to-VCF-modulation

Homepage Florian Anwander – Roland Jupiter 6.

Florian discribes, how to re-route the Crossmod zu the Filter to get nice Filter FM instead, or just make it switchable.

OMG, I must do this mod!! But switchable. Here’s his words quoted:

Modification No.1: Change VCO2-to-VC01-modulation to VCO2-to-VCF-modulation

While VCO-to-VCO-modulation cannot be played tonally, the VCO to VCF modulation can be played tonally and is an increadible enhancement for analogue subtractive synthesizers tonal possibilities. Usually it is dead simple to achieve – also at the JP6:

Disconnect R51* (=output of Xmod VCA) from pin 15 IC33 (VCO1) and connect it to pin 6 of IC48* (=cv summing point for VCF).
see marking in the schematic (882kB)
see markings in the pcb (2MB)

This is a modification I did not yet try, but it looks idiot proof to me. If any tries this, please let me know about your results.

*) later models have different partnumbering: R41 to IC49

@ Forum: Roland Jupiter 6 – Crossmodulation -> FilterFM zu finden im DIY Subforum..

and there’s also a nice image-gallery about restauration of the Jupiter 6 as well.

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  1. Speelycaptor

    Great post and big kudos for Florian for the great documentation of the mod and the restoration. I might be able to snatch up a jupiter 6 and then would like to do the mod, if i can get some help .

    1. Florian is in the Forum, so if you need help, he’s there. I had the idea to once do it also, but well – it’s a Jupiter and I don’t want to lose it ;)

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