Dinsync JP-One Synthesizer Detail Synth 

Dinsync „JP-One“ Jupiter 6-artig vs Superlative SB1 Space Bee – SH101-Style

Dinsync bringt JP-One mit Jupiter 4-Filter und Suboszillator und sonst Struktur des Jupiter 6 mit linearer und exponentieller FM / Xmod –

Superlative SB1 Space Bee – heißt ein kleinerer Konkurrent, der eher in Richtung SH101-Clone tendiert – auch neu bei 500€ liegen wird.

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Jupiter 6 – recucing thin out of the filter resonance – den Pegelabfall beim Filter minimieren, Widerstände tauschen!

Florian Anwander • Jupiter 6 – Ausgleich des Pegelabfall bei erhöhter Resonanz. how to get rid of low level filter sound, a little mod, listen to the audio file to hear the difference. http://fa.utfs.org/diy/rolandjp6/JP6_Re … me-Mod.mp3 in fact the resonance thin out will be reduced by this mod (adding one simple resistor between R62 where it is NOT connected to R67 – connect it to the point, where R81-84 meet). Mostly recognisable in low pass mode. the audio file is in english, so everyone can follow, the german one is the one…

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Florian Anwander – Roland Jupiter 6 Change VCO2-to-VC01-modulation to VCO2-to-VCF-modulation

Homepage Florian Anwander – Roland Jupiter 6. Florian discribes, how to re-route the Crossmod zu the Filter to get nice Filter FM instead, or just make it switchable. OMG, I must do this mod!! But switchable. Here’s his words quoted: Modification No.1: Change VCO2-to-VC01-modulation to VCO2-to-VCF-modulation While VCO-to-VCO-modulation cannot be played tonally, the VCO to VCF modulation can be played tonally and is an increadible enhancement for analogue subtractive synthesizers tonal possibilities. Usually it is dead simple to achieve – also at the JP6: Disconnect R51* (=output of Xmod VCA)…

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Roland Jupiter-Series + Promars

– the Roland Promars + Jupiter Synthesizer Series ROLAND SYNTHESIZER images (click the pic to enlarge it – if available) Roland Jupiter series Jupiter 8 – Jupiter8 – Ju8 – Ju8 built: 1981 (mks80 is QUITE similar but racked): JP8 audio demo AUDIODEMO some audio by myself on the mks-80 (racked Jupiter 8) jupiter8_mks80.mp3 more audio here at visiomedia (thanks frank!) Filters: lpf 24 and 12dB/oct., 2 PWMable VCOs but you can use ONE waveform per VCO only, crossmodulation, no midi but some have dcb (a roland interface), very classic…

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