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Roland – Promars for System 1

beside the JD-Xa and JD-Xi and the very interesting Aira MX Automator/Mix there is also something new for the System 1 platform – the Promars, MRS2 subtractive,analog synth – I recently sold mine. so there’s only some SHs and System 100 / 100m missing and the System 1 going polyphonic for emulation – maybe the new JD synths might do their part of that job. I assume this is not only a Plug-out but a Plug-in as well as SH101 and SH2 were..   img: – also did audio demos of…

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Roland Jupiter-Series + Promars

– the Roland Promars + Jupiter Synthesizer Series ROLAND SYNTHESIZER images (click the pic to enlarge it – if available) Roland Jupiter series Jupiter 8 – Jupiter8 – Ju8 – Ju8 built: 1981 (mks80 is QUITE similar but racked): JP8 audio demo AUDIODEMO some audio by myself on the mks-80 (racked Jupiter 8) jupiter8_mks80.mp3 more audio here at visiomedia (thanks frank!) Filters: lpf 24 and 12dB/oct., 2 PWMable VCOs but you can use ONE waveform per VCO only, crossmodulation, no midi but some have dcb (a roland interface), very classic…

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