Dinsync JP-One Synthesizer Detail Synth 

Dinsync „JP-One“ Jupiter 6-artig vs Superlative SB1 Space Bee – SH101-Style

Dinsync bringt JP-One mit Jupiter 4-Filter und Suboszillator und sonst Struktur des Jupiter 6 mit linearer und exponentieller FM / Xmod –

Superlative SB1 Space Bee – heißt ein kleinerer Konkurrent, der eher in Richtung SH101-Clone tendiert – auch neu bei 500€ liegen wird.

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Vince Clarke shows Boss DR55 and Jupiter 4

Vince Clarke Video Part 4 – shows the – 4 Voice (1x Multi) Roland Jupiter 4 Analog Synthesizer (1979) and the Roland DR55 (built 1979) – Drummachine/Module The Jp4 was his second synth, the DR55 his first, you hear them on the first Album of Depeche Modes Speak & Spell and Yazoo 8both), the DR55 was used live.. btw – he does NOT show the Jupiter 4s very fast LFO, which is one of the two big cool features of the Jupiter4, the other one is the fast and snappy…

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My new Jp4 Interface is here – CC’able Jupiter 4

It’s here, looks like this and there will be a Promars edition quite soon. Here’s about and where I got it from. Stunning new Jupiter 4 Interface coming with MIDI Controller for all knobs etc.. nice LFO add etc.. checked the instructions: some easy soldering plus setting the interface on top of the Jp4 Processor. had the Promars close, so don’t ask – just wanted the compuphonic be on that images.. Hard to do? Well, there’s some pins to reconnect (plugs to be exact), there’s 3 Cables to solder, quite easy…

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Stunning new Jupiter 4 Interface coming with MIDI Controller for all knobs etc.

UPDATE: It’s here! (I normally re-timestamp the same post since it is more important for you to get all in one posting rather than me to have posted it earlier than other, am I right? feel free to post – if you prefer extra posts on updates) it’s ready now, looks like he’s taking first orders here: http://roland-jupiter.org/viewtopic.php?t=414&start=15 and another talk – in deutsch ist hier: Sequencer Synthesizer Forum • Thema anzeigen – Neues MIDI Interface für Jupiter-4 Kommt!. based on this post – I asked Laszlo who does it…

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