Roland Jupiter 4 – in it’s best clothing (Demos)

Roland Jupiter4 subtractive,analog Demo – eine der schönsten die es aktuell so gibt, aber auch nicht so aktuell. Ja, er klingt genau so und zwar weil:
1) Unisono Mode hat 4 Stimmen und die lassen sich ziemlich stark verstimmen, das macht ihn etwas „brutaler“
2) LFO geht in den Audiobereich -FM-artig
3) Hall!

Kollege Retrosound ist eh bekannt für liebevolle Demos – aber dennoch sollte das hier mal sein:

Roland Jupiter-4 Demo-Forum

To everyone who don’t like the Jupiter 4 – you now do – because this is very sweet for it’s unison 4 voice mode – since 4 voices are high enough to sound fat but low enough to not get muddy and just 90s cheesi’ish – and simply too fat – and that LFO can reach VCO speed and – reverb.

Roland Jupiter-4 Analog Synthesizer (1978) *Sound Awesomeness*

I love these guys as well ..
with some synthpop – italo – Kraftwerk’ish approach.. in most of their demos.

I sold my Jupiter 4 twice – yes I feel cold, alone and dirty.
but I got my System 1m in the live case – I could play along with 2 of them – sort of nice, or use the SH01A in unison which is sort of this effect but not as Promars/Jupiter 4’ish as this – and – this Jupiter is the older one – as you can see in the forum – and if you are a nerd – have a look – but in fact I am sure all Jupiters can sound like this one. so – don’t panic!

and don’t buy one! it is .. not the prettiest on earth, but..

Roland Jupiter 4


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