HyperSynth Xenophone – Analog Mono Synth – maybe the first in persia?

3 OSC Synth with distortion, Sequencer & Arpeggiator
3 LFOs all with a lot of Wave Shapes

8 modulation slots

6 filter types – lp, hp, bp, notch and 2 mixed lp-hp combinations

all controllable via MIDI (Controllers).

reverb & delay (effects)

find in the Synth Database: Hypersynth Xenophone (built 2014) – finally went to 1k€.

what they say:

The price will be under 700€ (if you don’t need an accurate price), we also offer pre-order discount.

We are based in Persia, „about page“ will be added in website in the near future.

We will keep you informed.

-> www.hypersynth.com/xenophone.html

don’t know how safe it might be to buy from this area?

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